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    Work as Tech Support for HPE. coach football, play 5 a side too.

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    PS4/XBO: VillaLaMur7 - Port Glasgow/Rothesay


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    Football, Computers

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    Rangers FC

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  1. Amazing, i am loving this. Just curious, can you post the game details screen? Interested to see the amount of time the save has been played
  2. Following mate, hope you end up at the mighty Gers by the end!
  3. As you said yourself, you have won everything, time for a new challenge
  4. Team Name: FC MurrayzosterCity Name: ZosterLandStadium Name: Zosterland Direct Stadium Homekit: Blue and yellow Awaykit: Red and Orange (Any style of kits)
  5. I know this is off topic @noikeee but thought you would enjoy this - http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/38210219
  6. Loving this mate! Loving the good old fashioned detail and writing, consider me subscribed and a follower, KUTGW.
  7. What a career Paul, can't explain how much I have enjoyed following throughout this career even when real life has thrown up crappy times, cannot wait to see what your next career is, will that be FM17?
  8. Count me in, would depend on my schedule though.
  9. Looking to build a PC, this is what I'm planning to put into it so far (http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/N2JXjX), any advice?
  10. I am reading and fairly enjoying as I'm an avid player of the Scottish leagues!
  11. Would enjoy seeing you playing the Danish leagues!
  12. Interested to see how much he will be used by Utd this season!
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