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    Work as Tech Support for HPE. coach football, play 5 a side too.

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    PS4/XBO: VillaLaMur7 - Port Glasgow/Rothesay


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    Football, Computers

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    Rangers FC
  1. Count me in, would depend on my schedule though.
  2. Looking to build a PC, this is what I'm planning to put into it so far (, any advice?
  3. I am reading and fairly enjoying as I'm an avid player of the Scottish leagues!
  4. Would enjoy seeing you playing the Danish leagues!
  5. Interested to see how much he will be used by Utd this season!
  6. Congrats on the baby Nobby! On the other hand unlucky at Oldham. Do you think you will continue this save or jump over to FMC due to less time?