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  1. Just finished reading through this entire thing, great stuff, thoroughly enjoyed it, and good luck for the season in Monaco. Hopefully you don't come up against the Mexican Jesus this time around in the CL...
  2. Well, took me about 2 weeks of on and off reading, but I've just made it through the entire thread. And I must say, phenomenal work mate, truly a work of art Whether it's a work of genius, or insanity, I'm not qualified to say, and I'm fairly certain a mental health professional might be needed to make that call. But either way, it's pure gold. Now what the **** am I going to do with my evenings from now on...
  3. Bumping this as I'd really like to know if there's a possibility to do this
  4. Yeah I'm pretty sure this was all your fault
  5. New contract offer for JT! Finally some reasonably good news out of the club
  6. Well that's a pretty terrible way for Terry's career to probably end at the club. Sooner this season is over the better, almost nothing we can look back on with any pride or fondness this year
  7. Sunderland just equalised with an absolute worldy
  8. Team today is so thoroughly uninspiring. Mikel/Matic partnership. Sigh.
  9. This thread continues to be awesome. Taking over a retired player is something I've got planned for my current save, so really looking forward to seeing how you get on. Good luck with Bobby, I hope Archie's given him a few tips and his lucky boxer shorts.
  10. I was living in Washington DC, so watching it on my laptop trying to be sneaky at work. I just about held it together with Ramires' goal. Then Torres scored and I pretty well lost my ****
  11. This is awful. RIP Kriss, always seemed like a top bloke in the few conversations I had with him, he'll be missed around here
  12. Fabregas really is magic sometimes. I did particularly enjoy the chants of "You better beat ****ing Tottenham" from our lot
  13. Today's team is really quite ridiculous
  14. Christ that was abysmal. Looked like most of the players are just waiting for the Euros or their holidays. Conte has a hell of a lot of work to do when he gets here, I really don't envy him taking over this shower