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  1. A very belated review of my second season: Premier League: Well, we won it, but it was a lot tougher than the final table looks. After 12 games, United had only conceded 1 goal, and were scoring on average 4 a game. Thankfully, that one goal was against us, in a 1-0 win at the Bridge, which really paid off. But for the first half of the season we were slugging away, really not finishing teams off like we should, but grinding out the results. Suddenly, January hit, and everything changed. I didn't shift tactics or personnel (other than using Pulisic on the left a little more), b
  2. Nice work @jonathan44 particularly a CL win in the first season! Also see you got some great outgoing business done in selling off the deadwood, I wish someone would've paid me that much for Batman How's Ziyech been for you second season? He's been kind of hit or miss for me, poor decision making always seems to let him down. I'll post my season 2 review later today, it was a hell of a year
  3. Been a while since I've played much FM, but the quarantine has given me the opportunity to start a Chelsea save. Just finished the first season, finished in 2nd by a point off Liverpool (if we'd won our last game we'd have been champions but drew with darned Leicester), out of the CL in the quarters to eventual winners Barca, but beat United in the League Cup final and got revenge on Liverpool by beating them to win the FA cup. Bought in Chilwell in January to replace outgoing Emerson, but otherwise the squad was basically the same from the start. Tammy was great for me, 37 go
  4. Just read this from the start, really enjoying these updates, great career so far. Hope you can get a particularly satisfying bit of revenge by beating a Chinese team in the CL final
  5. + 1 on these, would love to see em, also Reece James if possible
  6. I've tried a lower tempo, but the challenge is that they just then slowly play up to the penalty area, allowing the opposition to get organised, and leaving us no space to get in behind. Coupled with the lack of movement, it just results in the midfielders passing the ball around between them before the inevitable long shot. So, higher or lower, it ends up with a lot of long shots from the midfielders, it's just in one case I get at least some more dynamic build up. I wish it did lead to speculative through balls, I'd love some of those! But even with the higher tempo and direct passing I don'
  7. Hi all, hoping I can get some advice on figuring out how to translate the style of play in my head into the game. Haven't played the last couple versions of FM, so possible I'm just missing something, but any help appreciated. What I'm trying to create: I'm trying to create a fast tempo, short passing style of play. My ideal would be to move the ball quickly through the midfield to my front three players, with those three given a lot of creative freedom to move around and try and pull defenders out of position. The ideal situation is the inside forwards to run across the backline or in be
  8. Just finished reading through this entire thing, great stuff, thoroughly enjoyed it, and good luck for the season in Monaco. Hopefully you don't come up against the Mexican Jesus this time around in the CL...
  9. Well, took me about 2 weeks of on and off reading, but I've just made it through the entire thread. And I must say, phenomenal work mate, truly a work of art Whether it's a work of genius, or insanity, I'm not qualified to say, and I'm fairly certain a mental health professional might be needed to make that call. But either way, it's pure gold. Now what the **** am I going to do with my evenings from now on...
  10. Bumping this as I'd really like to know if there's a possibility to do this
  11. New contract offer for JT! Finally some reasonably good news out of the club
  12. Well that's a pretty terrible way for Terry's career to probably end at the club. Sooner this season is over the better, almost nothing we can look back on with any pride or fondness this year
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