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  1. Just read this from the start, really enjoying these updates, great career so far. Hope you can get a particularly satisfying bit of revenge by beating a Chinese team in the CL final
  2. + 1 on these, would love to see em, also Reece James if possible
  3. I've tried a lower tempo, but the challenge is that they just then slowly play up to the penalty area, allowing the opposition to get organised, and leaving us no space to get in behind. Coupled with the lack of movement, it just results in the midfielders passing the ball around between them before the inevitable long shot. So, higher or lower, it ends up with a lot of long shots from the midfielders, it's just in one case I get at least some more dynamic build up. I wish it did lead to speculative through balls, I'd love some of those! But even with the higher tempo and direct passing I don't see them around the box, only much deeper in the buildup. Also, the whole point of the style is to have fast-paced short passing, if I lower the tempo it's not the same right? I've generally used the "Get further forward" instruction for the IFs in order to stretch it more without sacrificing their defensive duties, I'll try the DLF(A), but I generally want someone leading the line in the manner of an AF. If I use that role however he basically never gets a touch, let alone a chance. Thanks for the help though, will try DLF for a bit
  4. Hi all, hoping I can get some advice on figuring out how to translate the style of play in my head into the game. Haven't played the last couple versions of FM, so possible I'm just missing something, but any help appreciated. What I'm trying to create: I'm trying to create a fast tempo, short passing style of play. My ideal would be to move the ball quickly through the midfield to my front three players, with those three given a lot of creative freedom to move around and try and pull defenders out of position. The ideal situation is the inside forwards to run across the backline or in behind, while the striker looks for spaces to drop behind the backline and run onto through balls. I want to see neat interplay between the three players, fast passing, one-twos etc. The wing backs should stay wide to provide an overlapping threat, mostly to occupy defenders rather than to actually be attacking outlets, but when needed they should overlap to provide first time crosses or cutbacks. The midfielders should essentially provide deeper support for the front three, feeding the forward players and occasionally arriving from deeper positions. Essentially, the short clip you see on the vertical tiki-taka selection screen is exactly what I'm looking for. Here's the current setup: It's a slightly modified version of the standard vertical tiki-taka. I've dropped the line of engagement and defensive line deeper, in an attempt to create more space higher up the pitch, and changed the DLF to a CF/S in order to give the striker more creative freedom. I've also upped the tempo slightly and given them more direct passing, to try and get that fast paced tempo moving from back to front, in order to unsettle the opposition and create opportunities. Players are What I'm seeing: The movement through the midfield is ok though a little slower than I'd hope, but the front three is the real problem. They. won't. move. There's no interplay between them, they just don't link up with each other, mostly because the ball never goes into them in more central areas. Essentially the midfield bring the ball forward and then we meet a brick wall. The opposition defence sit deep as a back four, and my front three just space themselves out within that back four and just stay still. The midfielders, when encountering this, don't try and force the ball through to the front players, they instead opt for long shots, or go wide for the full backs to cross. I just don't see the movement needed to pull defenders out of position, which would give the strikers and IFs space to drop in behind. The striker just is completely isolated, essentially standing still next to one of the centre backs while the midfielders pass it between themselves before thumping it from range. He gets goals from crosses, but nothing from short passes or through balls in behind. Anyone have any ideas? I know through balls were fairly underpowered before the recent patch, but I've seen no real difference since with the exception of the odd 60-yard ball over the top. I've tried varying the tempo, directness, and the mentality (attacking vs. balanced vs. positive) but nothing seems to get close to the fast interchange and interplay up front that I'm looking for. I've also tried changing the roles, particularly in CM to stop them clogging up the space up there, but it makes no difference so I reverted to FM's suggestions for the style Any help much appreciated!
  5. Just finished reading through this entire thing, great stuff, thoroughly enjoyed it, and good luck for the season in Monaco. Hopefully you don't come up against the Mexican Jesus this time around in the CL...
  6. Well, took me about 2 weeks of on and off reading, but I've just made it through the entire thread. And I must say, phenomenal work mate, truly a work of art Whether it's a work of genius, or insanity, I'm not qualified to say, and I'm fairly certain a mental health professional might be needed to make that call. But either way, it's pure gold. Now what the **** am I going to do with my evenings from now on...
  7. Bumping this as I'd really like to know if there's a possibility to do this
  8. New contract offer for JT! Finally some reasonably good news out of the club
  9. Well that's a pretty terrible way for Terry's career to probably end at the club. Sooner this season is over the better, almost nothing we can look back on with any pride or fondness this year
  10. Team today is so thoroughly uninspiring. Mikel/Matic partnership. Sigh.
  11. This thread continues to be awesome. Taking over a retired player is something I've got planned for my current save, so really looking forward to seeing how you get on. Good luck with Bobby, I hope Archie's given him a few tips and his lucky boxer shorts.
  12. I was living in Washington DC, so watching it on my laptop trying to be sneaky at work. I just about held it together with Ramires' goal. Then Torres scored and I pretty well lost my ****
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