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  1. Hi ozil, First congrats on the thread, very well written. I just wanted to ask if one could take this principles and apply them in FM 2015. I know that it takes a certain type of players, has you have pointed out. But in terns of tactics principles, do you think it could work? Im still playing around whit fm 2015.
  2. Does someone know how to achieve a half pitch press in a medium block and how to translate it in fm? Ty
  3. Hi THOG, Thanks for the reply. My idea idea is to use a 4-1-2-2-1 (4-3-3) using attacking wingbacks and inside forwards has my main source of penetration, while having my striker dropping deep creating space and my 2 cms providing the passes. This why i was asking for advice on how to setup my midfield trident. I was thinking alongside of a DM (D); ADP (S) and CM (S)? Counter Mentality and Flexible shape, white the shouts of retain possession, short passing, play out of defence, much higher def. line and close down more. What do you advise? One last question, what's the equivalent of the old shout "hassle oponents? Thanks again.
  4. Hi THOG, Just wanted to ask how to setup a DM-CM-CM triple pivot as i wanted to lock the midfield and have my attacking patterns played in the wings. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi cleon, Just wandering what sort of PPM´s for the midfield up that would suit a possesion oriented tactic. If you have already responded to this, could you point me in the right direction. Th.
  6. I know, its all about making a system work but all systems have weaknesses, and what i was wondering his there was a way to minimize this "problem" Ty for your input
  7. Hi Kelron, You ideas sound good, but the reason why i have so many attacking minded players his because of the mentality that i employ, i play on the counter mentality. Despite having 5 attacking duties, i average one of the lowest goals concede in the league. I just wanted to know if one could channel play inside via OP or any other way. Ty
  8. Hi vasili07, My setup his: SK - S - Distribute to CD ©, Roll it out and Slow Pace Down WB´S - A CD - C BPD - X DM - D DPL - S AP - A IF´s - A - Roam from position F9 - S - Hold up Ball TI´s: Retain possession; short passing; play out of defence; much higher defensive line and Close down more.
  9. Hi, need help to adress a problem from how my team concedes goals. We play a pressing game and possession base style, and almost all my conceded goal come from crosses - we play a 4-1-2-2-1, and my question his how do i channel play inside, for them to go to my DM? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi THOG, Just one question, having read your thread on the mentality leader and the controller effect, that makes the team more agressive, i have a tactic that on the counter mentality whit TI´s much higer and close down more to mimic the default pressing of the control mentality, and i have seen lots of red cards. His this due to the controller effect or only bad decisons frmo the player or even due to the PI´s? Maybe its a stupid question, but anyway. Thks.
  11. Just read your last post, mind bloowing and some how logical! I think im too leazy playing this game, one of the many reasons why i can´t have constitency. It´s a lurning curve.
  12. Yes, that was the section i was reading on your blog. So, we can do well whit only one match strategy assumption? I favored control has i want to play the passing game whit some goal intent. Can you tell me what are your usual group of shouts for more agrresive and cautious? It´s a nem ME and new approach on the game this year for me, and i had a hard time figuring out the logicals steps of playing this game in his total approach, ege, training, recruitement, staff, etc..Sometimes i find myself "lost"... Anyway, thanks for the reply, much appreciated.
  13. Hi rashidi, First just wanted to say that´s a really good thread, so congrats! Also im portuguese and supporter of my beloved sporting, it was really nice to see what you deed whit them Im just wondering something, i also am inspired in creating what we see in this forum has DNA football club, and if so do you utilise the strategy assumptions? I have read in your blog that you advocat the existence of a counter and control strategy assumptions. For example do you always use the control strategy? or it´s a game to game basis? I had a save that i tried to always use the control strategy but in the champions league that got me mixed results, especially away from home. i got to the semi finals, but lost in the penaltis. Again, thanks for your contribution and sorry for my poor englisch writting.
  14. Hi THOG, Thanks for the reply. I just wanted to clear out something: Since im to exposed both in the wings and trough the middle, i decided to change the trio midfield, and adopt a DMC-MC-MC. But my real question his whit the lack of protection int he wings, mostly if the oppositon plays whit DR+MR/AMR or DL+ML/AML , so, since im playing a deep line im going to be vulnerable for crosses, and i wanted to know if by using OP´s like Closing Down Always + Show on to Left Foot for the MR/AMR, making them cutting inside where i Have 3 CB´s + DMC would be better at protecting my weaknesses, that is, the exposure on the wings. I never had use the OP´in other versions, and i wanted to know what is your input of them or there use, or if by simply chossing the right roles and duty it would be enough. Ty. M83
  15. I just wanted to know if that setup suits a counter attacking style of play, If its unbalanced, etc, I do know that judging by the twelve step guide it has too many specialist roles, but i am so frustrated at times that this forum his my last resort. Another thing his that by looking at games i seam to suffer mots of my goals from crosses, deep or byline and alwais to the far post. Is this normal whit this kind of formation? Ty
  16. Just wanted to have some feedback about one specific formation and Roles/Duty´s assignements based on this guide. So, i wanted to use the 3-5-2 whit WB´s and AMC and choose Very Fluid Philosophie and Counter Mentality whit the TI´s More Direct, Higher Tempo and Drop Deeper: My team setup his has follow: GK: Golkeeper Defend; WB´s: Wingback Attack; CDR: Central Defender Stopper; CDC: Central Defender Defend; CDL: Central Defender Stopper; CM´s: DLP Support; AMC: Shadow Striker Attack; STCR: Advanced Forward Attack; STCL: Trequartista Attack. Feedback will be much appreciatted, Ty M83
  17. Hi Lam, thanks for the reply, thats the sort of thing that i also wanted to know, ege, what are the attributes that one neds to take in acount for setting the TI´s. I dont know if i am making myself clear, but thats what i wanted to know, what to look and what information his relevant. Ty, M83
  18. Jus wanted to ask if theres in any type of thread in the forum that helps undertanding the "Team Comparision Tab", i mean how to adapt to one team strenghts and develop further. Ty, M83
  19. Im apllying "counter pressing" whit a 4-3-3/4-5-1, and indeed the positioning higer the pitch does help, but again i do think its more connected to the type of Def-Line employed and by duties, ege, in my save i do play in a counter mentality, but use the "much higer def. line", then in theories I schould be playing whit a Def-line equal of one on the control mentality, and i do see a lot of pressing for the wall squad. But, im not an expert, its just something that his working for me.
  20. Im sorry, im not saing it is not a very good feedback, ist just that im very fond of my two IF A, and the vast majority of my goals come from them, ege, Destro 25/15 games plus goals, i do get a little upset by the DM D , but really anoyied by the ST...Ratings are very inconsistent, in narrow wins <6.7, medium games 2 plus <7.2. I brought in F.Quagliarella, and from his attribute he schould be performing a lot better, i know my striker its not my main goalscoring treath, but it does bug me. Im gonna tried out some variations in the role to see the effect and will try out the HB role. Again thank you for finding some time to help noobs like me.
  21. Only seen the response know, and, sir, thank you. But as i said above, im trying to use my strengths and playing in a certain way, that his having the WB bombing forward and take adavantage of the wide space vacated by my IF, i do know it those look unbalanced and predictable, and that it goes against all the guides in here and your explanation. It only a way that im trying to implement and it as been working, but my main concerns are indeed my DM and my ST... I can t get them to perform. N.B - I will take in to account your well written explanation and council to make a sve whit a more well rounded tactic and balance in the attacking phase. Again, thank you Sir.
  22. Thanks, Regarding the Attck duties it just that i want to exploit the space wide, meaning, i have my IF A staiyng wide but cuting in both whit player role and PPM´s thus leaving also space for the bombing WB A, im not having any kind of issue whith thats solelly getting my ST and DM working, they kind have the Lowest Rating compared to the ohters members of the squad... Thanks for the intell.
  23. Hi, I also just wantwed to say that im struggling whit two positions/roles whithin the 4-3-3/4-5-1 and those are the DM postion and the ST. I setup it up like this from right to left: SK - S WB- A CD- X CD - C WB - A DM - D DLP - S ADP - A IF - A IF - A Trequ - A Any thoughts? Thy
  24. Its just that in my save im trying to achieve a pressing control possesion type of football, and i just wanted to know if theres his anythnig else that can enance the pressing part. I am also curious to know how you do against small temas, that park the bus. Do you alter your defensive line or the mentality?
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