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  1. Sorry for bumping such an old thread but does anybody still have the file? Will the file convert over to FM20?
  2. Automatic promotion into the PL on goals scored, WOW!
  3. You should make this a poll! I'm 30 nearly 31 BTW only been playing since FM06ish. But, played Player Manager from 99/00 season. That was my first management game.
  4. Go to the staff screen and it will say. what nation he's from.
  5. Depends on whether you speak a similar language to the one you're learning. As evidenced by an ealier post where it was said it took them 18 months to learn French then only 6 to learn Spanish as they're both romance languages. This isn't really ideal as English and German are in the exact same language family as well as Dutch.
  6. There are tiers in the Brazilian regional system.
  7. I'm not trolling. Just telling him how the rules work. Not my problem if he doesn't believe me.
  8. My experiment that I described earlier is the example.
  9. Very briefly in Australia once but the no relegation and low quality and unbalanced schedule was annoying so never again.
  10. So is it impossible or not cost efficient to get the licence for both years? Either way fair enough.
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