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  1. Great skin thanks @keysi Is there any possibility of having 2 panels in the match view? So what I would like is just to be able to have the xG shot map of both teams, one under the other. Could that work?
  2. More direct passing and play out of defence kind of contradict each other?
  3. No the CMd shouldn't be popping up in the oppo penalty area, unless he has a PPM, but then I'd advise against playing a holding type midfielder with PPM of Arrives late in box or Gets into oppo box. The CMd is a holding role so would stay deep and look to help out the defenders. Having this role would also help if you had a WBs as would allow him to attack more and give you more options in attack whilst remaining defensively solid.
  4. BBM and APs are not a good midfield combo. They won’t offer much protection for the defensive line at all, especially with no DM. I’d change the BBM to a CM/d and put him on the same side as the WB/a. Would also consider changing the FB/s to a WB/s as the IW ahead of him will be cutting inside and wingbacks usually work better than full backs with no one else out wide.
  5. Got a DM / CM who is a decent player. I’m going to use him as a Half Back. He’s got PPM of Dribbles Through Centre. I’ve asked coaches to get him to stop doing it. They advised against it as he’s a physical player. But surely I wouldn’t want my DM dribbling up the pitch?
  6. Thanks for the reply. Yes I guess on paper we aren't expected to beat Celtic or Rangers. But it would just be nice to actually be in the game and at least compete against them.
  7. Hi all, Avid reader and occasional poster in here! I started unemployed and (somehow) managed to get the Aberdeen job in December. Things are going pretty well and I've got them up to 4th from 10th. My first tactic is below, and works well against the majority of teams in the SPL: I'm after some help and advice for what I should do when playing against bigger and better teams, i.e. Rangers & Celtic. I've tried keeping the same tactic, and tried a slightly tweaked more conservative 2nd tactic below, but we just always get overrun and last tim
  8. Yes logos, faces etc all work fine. Just need to use a skin so you can reload the cache
  9. Hi Harry, it is literally just as described. The game doesn’t stop at Half Time and show the usual stats and feedback. The teams just swap ends and it kicks off straight away. Almost maybe like there’s a ghost press of start second half or something. But I’m not even touching the screen anywhere.
  10. Still an issue where the game doesn’t stop at half time. I’m playing on iPad Pro. I’d say it happens about 20% of the time.
  11. No, the skins folder should be in the root of FMT. Alongside the graphics folder, NOT inside it.
  12. You need to use a different skin. Custom graphics won’t work on default FMT skin anymore.
  13. Working fine for me. Remember you can only have 3 breaks for substitutions. So you can’t make 5 subs of just 1 player.
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