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  1. Thanks guys. I will go back and have a look at some highlights later! Would it help if I uploaded a match or two here as well?
  2. Hi all, I am Coventry on FM17 and just finished the first season. We were predicted to finish 11th and actually finished 4th so that was pleasing. Completely choked in the Playoffs though. I am using a 41221 formation, which I'd never been able to get to work until now when I have persevered with it and taken some good advice from threads and people on this forum. Here is the formation: The DM has PIs of Shoot Less Often and Less Risky Passes As you can see we've had a pretty good season using it. As you can see from our playoff first leg match though, we totally dominated and were very unlucky to lose. The high number of long shots is worrying to me though. Is there anything obviously wrong with my tactic that could be causing the long shots? Quite a few other matches I have noticed we have a high proportion of long shots too. Would appreciate any feedback from the guys with a lot more understanding of the game than me! Thanks.
  3. Great thread and great advice, I have also learnt a lot from this. I am currently managing Coventry and employing the same core formation! Regards this thread, I would drop WBIB and add Play Wider. From the shot map it looks as though everything is too narrow. Maybe also even add Look for Overlap to get the wingbacks more involved and stretch opposition defences wider.
  4. I also have this problem. Use retina is unticked and then the maximum resolution I can set is only 1280x800? On FM16 I was able to set resolution to 2560x1600 and then zoom in 175% and it looked perfect in menus and in 3D matches.
  5. Shocking that this issue hasn't been fixed yet, as it was first raised in November 2015...
  6. Thanks all, I have taken on advice from this thread and pleased to report we look much more solid! Had 3 clean sheets out of the next 5 matches, winning 2-0 away at Newcastle with 2 superb counter attacking goals, and drawing two games 0-0 one of which was against Arsenal.
  7. Sharky85, I went with your suggestions and added a few player instructions too. Next match v Stoke. We played well and looked quite solid, restricting Stoke to just 1 or 2 half chances. It finished 0-0! We should have actually won it. A striker of mine out of form had 3 clear cut chances but missed them all. A definite base to build from, thanks!
  8. Wow, thanks. Great advice guys. I'll implement this later and see how it goes!
  9. Hi guys, really after some advice and help! I am Charlton, won the Playoffs in the first season and got promoted to the Premier League, playing a nice Standard or Counter 442. Now in the Premier League I accept we aren't anywhere near the best team and are going to lose quite a lot of matches, however no matter what I try we just can't stop leaking goals. Consistently conceding 2, 3 or 4 goals per game: Here is my current tactic: And I decided on these instructions after looking at our weaknesses and strengths via the Team Comparison pages: It all seems logical to me, but clearly I must be doing something wrong to get SUCH poor results and such bad defence...?
  10. Thanks Jambo . I'll play a few more games tomorrow night and see. I think the drop deeper may need to come off as playing on counter seems to make us deep enough to start with but I'll keep it for now.
  11. OK, so I got to play a couple of games tonight. I made the changes and lined up as below: Drop Deeper Clear Ball to Flanks Run at Defence Here are the results: Analysis from the second game: A fantastic dominant performance, not sure what to make of the analysis really, very low cross completion and worryingly only 1 goal scored despite the near total domination? Any more advice or tweaks I should make?
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