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  1. Quitting Football Manager

    "If you find addiction to be an issue, you may wish to speak to a medical professional." I have. But I haven't found his advice on this issue very useful. "You can email Steam support and ask them to delete the game permanently. email@support.steampowered.com" Thank you! If they can permanently delete the game, I will be delighted! All your help means a lot more to me than you can imagine. This has been a very big problem for me, and a solution to this would be invaluable for me.
  2. Quitting Football Manager

    Thank you! But where do I find kill.bat? I am sorry but I am only a stat major student and not awesome at programming! I am guessing that I would have to put the loop condition at the start. PS: I have a mac if thats important. Once again, I really appreciate everyone's help.
  3. Hey everyone! I would really appreciate your help in this problem, which is a very serious issue for me. I am a fourth year statistics student at U of T, and a huge fan of football manager. I bought Football Manager 2011 close to when it was first released. I never updated to FM 2012 but I play FM 2011 a lot. Being in my fourth year, this is very problematic indeed. I need a good GPA to make it to Grad School, and things are difficult enough already as I suffer from a medical condition that causes frequent and long sessions of ruminating thoughts (I am on medication for this). Many of the ruminating thoughts center around FM, so it is negatively affecting my health as well as GPA. I can understand why some of you might think this is a joke but it has caused me considerable distress. Now to the problem. Whenever I try to delete FM for good and even steam, there is the option to reinstall both steam and then FM again due to my purchase. I have tried many things, but I can't find a solution. I would appreciate if you could tell me of a permanent way to delete FM. A permanent way such that the only way to play FM is to buy it again. I may like to purchase FM 2013 as I am hoping to be done university by the end of this year. But for now, I would like to concentrate on studies and other things in life. Thanks you!
  4. Buy game for mac

    I already downloaded steam (see the last post) ) But now it would give me an error that steam can't get online although my connection is fine as you can see
  5. Buy game for mac

    hey, I bought the game from steam and then tried to install steam. But it says that steam can't get online but my connection is fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Buy game for mac

    Is it possible to direct download this game after buying it from somewhere? I link to buying +direct download would be really helpful. THanks and regards
  7. Hey, I have a mac and I downloaded the demo strawberry version. The game 'finished' after half a season, so now I want to buy the game and continue from there if possible. How do I do that? I tried the sticky threads, but they just give a direct download link for mac esellerate. I would really appreciate if someone would guide me regarding how to buy this game and how to start from the half-season stage for the demo strawberry version I have. Thanks and regards.
  8. thank you SCIAG. A couple more questions please. I have a young 16 y.o. player. He does not fit into my youth squad. I put him on loan and best offers are from a lower division as a cover. 1) How important are the matches to the development to the player? 2) Would he still progress if I keep in my youth squad without the youth matches. Or would it be better for him to go into a lower division?
  9. Hey, Silly question but can I use WF (Wide Forwards) for wingers, or is there a more appropriate training regime for them? Thanks
  10. Hey, This question is regarding the training schedule page where you assign your players different training regimes. Now on that page, these are green or red arrows next to each players name, under various attributes. What do these arrows mean? I always thought that these means changes in skills in the appropriate skill attribute. But when I saw the changes in the corresponding skills (from the players page), these were not consistent. Thanks and regards
  11. Buying quality players

    Hello, First of all, I must apologize to everyone for the late reply. I completely forgot about this post (too busy in university). Thank you all for the excellent advice. I greatly appreciate it. I really do. One great and persistent problem has indeed been selling players and sometimes I have to offload 2 - 4 million euros worth of players for even 10% or less or their value. Praczy, where do I get this patch to resolve this problem? I have a Mac. Once again, I greatly appreciate everyone's help and this great community in general.
  12. Hello, I am very kind of new to this game (only played one season with Valencia in Laliga). Anyways, I am getting ready for the Champions League. I fear that my team is simply not good enough. I have budget of ~45 million euros. The problem is that I can't find quality players (3.5 star of higher) at reasonable prices. The teams ask for 2 or 3 times the value of the players. To add to the dilemma, I have a lot of reserves which I want to sell. But even at 75% of their value, very few want to buy them. I realize that all this is a recipe of long-term inviability. Is there something I am missing? Again, I just bought FM a week ago, so I am very new. Please help! Thanks and regards.
  13. Buying Football Manager 2009 for Mac

    okay, there was option for putting in serial number in the start screen of the game so I am registered now! Thanks for all your help. One more question, if I may. I have bought a goalkeeper (robert enke) for my team (valencia). But it says that he is unregistered (the irony!) and can't play in the match. After registering myself, how do I register my star player? lol
  14. Buying Football Manager 2009 for Mac

    Where can I find the installation ID? I have the following information: Serial Number Name Serial Number Order Number
  15. Buying Football Manager 2009 for Mac

    Thank you very much for all your help. I bought the game from the link given. When I installed it and then clicked on the FM icon, they asked for payment AGAIN. So I ignored and closed the window, and the fm game started. This happened every time I opened the FM and I kept ignoring the window and playing the game. Anyways, after a lot of non-stop gaming, the game has 'finished' (it won't go any further). What should I do? I have the serial number with me and I have already paid US$29.99 (Cdn$ 31.88) for the game. Your help would be very much appreciated.