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  1. There's a forum section for things like this, good player guide or some such! I have to say though, I don't have similar experiences because I always stick to one save per FM, I like the long term game.
  2. Maybe SI are going to be the trend setters for the kids of today? Anyway I suppose it's not too ridiculous, I mean look at Grealish's hairstyle IRL, some really do have some crazy hairstyles.
  3. Well, I also went up a couple of leagues too - higher prices would be expected. Anyhow, you say I forget about some changes to LLM, well, I suppose that's what the question of my entire subject was - what has changed? I also fail to understand why change things such, because taking 40 years to get to 14,000 attendance on my FM2013 save (despite a few champions league wins and always in contention) is not exactly a rapid rise. Anyway, what has changed to alter LLM?
  4. But.. it *has* improved, the league itself has gone from 0.5 stars to 3.5 stars, that alone should be converting into more than 400 attendance from the top team. That's the thing really, I mean in old versions, FM2012 and 2013, I found that when I raised the reputation of the club and the league, attendances rose not just linearly, but quicker than that. To take the english league example, when they go up loagues it would be very likely that a club could go from 100 attendance up to 10,000 a game just by reaching the premier league in consecutive seasons. So I'm led to believe something has changed to how these attendances scale with reputation. I had a similar game in FM2013 for example, except I used wales instead, in that game, I had similar attendance scaling or lackthereof for a while, but by 2024 in that game I had a meteoric rize in attendance from 253 to 2300, and I didnt even win a european trophy in that game. In fact it took me until 2031 for my first trophy in that game in europe, and by then I was up to 5.7k average attendance. Then there was a massive leap after first CL - and that was at 7k, over a few seasons raising to 13k. Okay, it took time, and the 13k was 2043/44, so I wouldnt despair in my current game, however - I'm seeing zero growth, not any. I should be seeing more than I am, that's what frustrates me. It's like if you took a conference club who had 100 average attendance, and took them up to the championship - wouldnt you expect better domestic attendance than 400? I get that it's a smaller town - but what i have always enjoyed in FM games in the past is that this didn't seem a complete obstacle, but in this particular instance, I just find it strange, the other team in the same town or region, Portadown have enjoyed an increase from average attendance of 700 to 1200 despite underperforming in the league. It feels like there's a bug pretty much - yet I'm hesitant to treat something like this like a bug. I was also asked about ticket price, mine at present is at £16, the lowest team in the league has £22 average, and Linfield, the most attended has £13. I dont know what the base was before I started.
  5. I tend to skip an iteration a lot of the time. Like I got FM2011, I got FM2012, but i ended up going back to 2011 because my save was more fun and I didnt really like the changes much. So I skipped 2014 this time around, If it wasnt for the fact Newcastle are doing so bad IRL I'd skip 2016 too, but it is a draw to get 2016 just to see if I can do better with Newcastle! But I think if you are enjoying a save game a lot - why not just carry it on for a year and skip a version? It makes sense if you have limited time to play.
  6. Danske Bank Premier is up to 3.5 stars, and it is rated 38th in europe by reputation. Annagh are rated 32nd in europe by coefficient at present, which puts them four places beneath Roma, and ahead of Ajax. Linfield have got an average attendance of 3397 in the league, and Portadown (the other local club I understand) is at 1189 despite some poor performances. The Euro Cup win as long enough ago I would have thought that I would have seen raises in attendance in the subsequent season, but I have not. I was asked about the European attendances, they are a lot higher, in Europe the game makes me play at Winsor Park due to having too small a ground, we have packed it out a few times, that's 11862 attendance. Although we just played Bayern and we only got 4257 for that, so the average attendance including all european and domestic games has gone from 98 in my first season, up to 1000 in 2020/21, peaking at 1431 in 2021/22, and then dropping again (after the euro cup win) to 1063 in 2022/23. It was also only 1291 on 2022/23. So while it's good we can pack it out for the "big games" I'm still puzzled why I get zero domestic growth, if Linfield and Portadown can pull in so many domestically, why can't my club start to edge up? I haven't seen any domestic attendance growth for years, and even factoring in Europe, it's going down more than up. Have other people tried with such a small club/league in this version? I know dafuge had success in previous FM with NI teams, even I have, although not on his scale, but is there some mechanic holding me back in this iteration? I will keep trying, but it's difficult to motivate myself when growth is so slow, it makes me half tempted to go back to FM2013 in truth.
  7. Hi. My FM2015 save has been Annagh Utd, a team that plays in the Northern Ireland leagues, I'm at 2023 and try as I might I cannot get the club to grow attendance-wise. We've won a lot of domestic trophies, and we've even won the euro cup once, yet despite the growth in stature I just cannot get those attendances up. We're stuck at a little under 400 people going to each game domestically, with no real signs of growth, no amount of success has seen sizeable increases in attendance. In every previous FM I have played, club size, and location size has never been more than a temporary barrier, it has always been a case that if you stuck to it, your club would grow, and you could even have Truro (City of 20,000 people) packing out stadia of 100,000 people given enough decades. Yet am I forced to adhere to the fact this might be one I cannot possibly win? are there restrictions in place that quite simply stop me from making this little club and league huge in this version?
  8. It's worth noting that if you want to take a league to the very top it may be required to manage more than one club in the league. The thing is, it requires more than just one team to do well in europe for a league to hit the very top. Sometimes by being successful with one team it raises the league enough and then they help themselves, but it is often easier if you boost a few teams, you do not necesserily have to manage them all at once, you could boost them serially.
  9. I dont know about vast majority buying it every year, perhaps vast majority of those you know, me personally, I have switched to buying every 2 years (and I haven't yet bought FM2015) simply because by the time a new release comes out I've not "finished" with my long term save from a previous iteration due to lack of time. I voted for every year on the poll, but I could perhaps envision a two-year cycle. Say the base game normally costs £30 from most stores, a 2-year edition would probably be hiked to £40 with a £10 DLC for the next years database update. Obviously sales and cdkey stores would mean some would get it cheaper than that, but in theory it could sort of work. Although how many would the extra price put off I wonder, even knowing it meant a game supported for longer? Either way, subscription model definitely would make no sense as the loss of save-game compatability is a part of the reason they are allowed to make changes between releases. I do think they are better off carrying on with the current format.
  10. Naked, covered in caramel. Wait, you meant in-game preferences. In truth, I haven't gotten the latest edition yet, but I've always been keen on 3D full-fat edition. I also tend to go with "Key" on highlights, I like quick games and youth development.
  11. Seems I have it pretty low on one of my two managers, which surprises me a little, I definitely favour domestic players, I mean I have 12 Welsh players in my first team squad, and five english and a scot. I suppose in my vesion it doesnt take into account that some of mine came through my youth set-up. I don't know really. My other manager seems to be 100% with 13 Welsh players in the first team squad, but a far larger squad in general.
  12. I never actually looked at my player's faces until seeing this thread, and now I have worked out I have a vampire (which has just fed) and a vulcan on my playing staff (at first I thought elf, but no - vulcan I think).
  13. March 2040, not one single member of the England squad play abroad.
  14. Well, no England wins (or finals for that matter) in my Fm2013 save, up to and including the 2038 world cup.
  15. Let's say you have just got promoted to the championship and you're going from players with say 80 CA to players with 110. You're going to notice a big improvement no matter how many players you bring in. Basically the quality has to be enough of a leap for it to be worthwhile. If you're just selling your players and replacing them with cheaper players just as good you might suffer from too many changes, but if there is genuine improvement in the playing staff, I would always go for it, even if it means short term suffering.
  16. Well when club reputation is almost maxed, a 2 star player can be about 150 CA. So even if Napoli's rep is less than world class, it could still mean he could potentially be a decent bit-part player or a player that would do well in a lower top-division team. No idea exactly what his PA would be though. If I had to guess though I imagine it could be 130.
  17. I think the poll is a little simplistic. For me it's IF subs = 7 (or more) then GK goes on bench IF subs = 5 (or less) then no GK on bench. I think when you have 7 subs there is plenty of room for a GK on there too, especially if your plays have *any* versatility at all.
  18. Well, I've skipped FM2014 as I havent had time to really get into my FM2013 save - so I didnt see much point in starting over and losing all my progress. I've had similar experiences though, I got Fm2012 for example, and I really couldnt get a feel for it, I didn't like the UI changes and it didn't feel quite right, I only had 27 hours logged on it in the end, which is nothing for FM, considering I play it while I watch programmes or movies. So I went back to 2011 in that instance, an didn't regret it. It's starting to seem like odd numbers are my thing, with the exception of Fm2009, which I hated, and 2010 which I loved.
  19. Well, the thing is, - the player can be from anywhere in the world, so it does not discriminate against anyone - I think that's why it's allowed.
  20. Yeah - I think the owner and club are more likely to be the reason you are not being given much money, just consider it a challenge and work at it.
  21. Well I think the idea is that FM classic is supposed to be the "easy mode" in a sense - or at least the simpler mode. Also managing different clubs with less demanding chairman is supposed to be another difficulty factor. If you want you can take it even further and use things such as in game editors or scout utilities to make the game easier - although you may have to pay for some of them. Either way - in essence there are ways to make the game easier, even if they might not perhaps be the most pleasant or ethical ways.
  22. Well - making it onto the legend section of club info is a start.
  23. Well in my FM2013 game, I get fairly irritated in truth because I get a new job approach practially every week for one of my managers. I have two managers in this game, one in the EPL with colwyn bay trying to boost wales's prospects by building an amazing youth set up, I have another manager managing in the welsh league trying to boost that league to a high standard with Barry Town. Is it the Barry Town manager that gets an incredible amount of job offers. That manager has won the CL once, boosted the team's rep significantly - yet of course is still on a low wage and in a "lesser" league so lots of teams try to poach said manager. Wheras the other manager - who has won the CL, or been involved in the final in excess of ten times, and has won the premier league for 14 times in succession never ever gets a job offer. I believe the reason is two-fold - high wages deter people from approaching you, and the higher reputation the club you are managing gets, the fewer clubs are deemed to have a chance of prying you away. I mean - for example, the colwyn bay manager sometimes even gets "should have won by a greater margin" comments when playing against REAL MADRID!. The rep has differed so much that the game decree's Real Madrid under-dogs who would expect a trouncing. Now I do not know if much has changed in 2014 in this regard, but it would seem to be to make sense that any team over 8000/10,000 rep NEVER be called an underdog.
  24. Well it's like managers say every time, all it takes sometimes is one lucky goal and one team ends up playing with confidence and the other dejected and playing against it. Sure, it's dramatic - but it is just a sim and will never be perfect.
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