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  1. Broken Promises

    I had same issue. Spent alot of money on a top young player and promised I would win the PL. Due to injuries I litterally got put to 2nd in the very last game. Now the player is destroying the teams morale.
  2. Written In The Stars

    So i get Wolves in the random draw. Not bad and decent team. i have many goals set in mind for this club and tons of changes. They didn't have best of seasons of late including relegation so here are a few plans. 1. Get back to the premiership within two years time. 2. Bring in future prospects and quality players. ok so to start the board happily give me a decent sized transfer budget (which i gladly accept to start my changes) Im keen on playing attacking passing game and hope to get the team fluid enough before season after first transfer window iv spent alot but got some decent signing. (a lot of loans but all are needed) i believe in a big squad to cover all areas in every situation. few key signing where for me. Shaun Cummings(loan) Reading Ben amos (loan) and Carlos Nash (free) -both are key as Wayne Hennessy is out all season. Taking Jay Bootroyd on loan also booths my attack. First perm transfer comes from Aiden White from Leeds(Mark)-800k BARGAIN. llsinho comes in on loan as does jano. digne. paddy mccourt. sergi gomez, marc muniesa. using up my whole budget in the first window proved fantastic. winning most my friendlies and draw rest.... Start of season went didnt go too well losing 0-1 to Hull but bouncing back against Leeds(mark) 3-0 with Aiden White proving Leeds were wrong to sell him. As i already said i want fast skilled passing attacking football. So i set out to play 4-2-3-1 play. which has worked out well as of yet i haven't lost to any clan members apart from 2draws. and im currantly settled in 2nd place. EDIT:::: screenshot of transfers up to FEB 2013 to as im gettin errors with them
  3. Hi all Firstly want to say im loving Fm11 at the moment But i really want to get patched and iv been struggling with downloading, it got to about 97% about 5times and then cuts off? :S saying error in file cant be saved! Or it just dont even start to download. Now i know this might be to do with my net but really odd how it gets to 97% and then bam off it goes! Anyone got a clue what else it might be or any suggestions? Thank you if oyu can help