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  1. Im gonna upgrade soon, to iphone 6 or 6+. Does this game have improved UIs for the larger screens, compared to iphone 5? Also, has the evogen system been improved?
  2. Exactly this! I don't post very often and when I do it's to complain about the regens, but this new version is much better in that regard. So thank you from me too, this game is truly a wonderful achievment and just because I complain too much doesn't change the fact that this is by far my most played ios game(series)!
  3. I assume the silence about newgens means it hasn't been implemented?
  4. Sorry to be persistent, but I'd really like any new info on regen changes!
  5. Has there been any improvements to the generation of new players? Looks fantastic though! Can't wait to buy it!
  6. Fraggle

    App Store Release Date

    So will I - But only if there is newgens o(^_-)O
  7. Fraggle

    App Store Release Date

    Hmm, perhaps the best way is to play classic on one of the new bay trail windows tablets.
  8. This is a fantastic game, and there are a few small ways that this game could be improved upon to make it even better. But I would say there are two, or certainly one, things that it absolutely needs. A larger database - Of course I don't have access to the data, but it would certainly seem to me that now is the time to stop supporting low ram models. Or at least make an option for those with more capable devices to select large database? newgens - This to me, and others who have played this game so much, is an absolute requirement I would think. regenss as they are completely spoil this game for me. I hope you consider my lowly points!
  9. I think it absolutely needs more immersion, so probably more media stuff and player interaction. This and of course, newgens, are I think all it needs - for me at least. A larger database would be nice, maybe its time to ditch supporting ancient phones? The UI is also slow to me on high res phones. Id like this improved or be able to choose a lower res scaled up if it means smoother gameplay.
  10. Yeah if things like new gens are implemented, I'd pay double for it. However I guess this would push even more to piracy..
  11. I think it could work, Play 3-6 months for free, pay the usual game price to unlock the time limit.
  12. Which team are you managing? Think about it like real life. Messi and Ronaldo are playing for arguably the two biggest clubs in the world. Would messi leave barca for Monaco in real life, just for more money? I doubt he would. Sure some players would, but it depends on their character.
  13. Fraggle


    That's cool. But sadly I've reached a point where I can recognise whose regens these promising youngsters are without checking. Also if I get a player who I don't recognise by positions etc then I know he isn't going to become a world-beater. It's probably my own fault for playing this game to death..
  14. Fraggle


    Sure it will be easy to find good players still, less so with attribute masking on. But you won't know exactly how great they will be. A player with good stats might only have the pa of an average mid table player. As it is now, I can sign someone whom I know has the potential of Raul of Xavi, for example. The fun for me is not knowing exactly how much a promising young player can develop.
  15. Not my players, but me;) I'm very happy for new players who haven't figured out regens yet, but for some of us it is a completely boring game now. It's fine to get bored of a game from playing it too much, but this one simple thing which if changed would reinvigorate many of us. As it stands now I'm not playing anymore and don't intend to buy new versions if its just the same. I'm only whining because I care!