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  1. I did yes. Not the first time i loaded it, but later tries i did. Also see all the teams only have an assistant manager and no manager (on all i checked). Some maybe a physio and a couch. Very few had managers. I presume it might be a bit early to set out on this adventure yet.
  2. Did anyone else try using this and take on a team in the lowest divisions? I found that almost all my players was wanted by other teams, and nobody would sign for me. Is it a reputation problem perhaps? Or is it the same for all teams at this level, and just a bug maybe? Might be a lack of players available(?). Think i saw something about such a topic, but never found link to a bug report or anything. so, im still waiting a bit to get a save going with this. Have done some low level i England before which i enjoyed. So was looking to Germany this year.
  3. You can use the "Create a club" feature ingame to replace another club with your own. Including badge, colors and other stuff. You can choose to keep the players of replaced club, or add players and staff from the database.
  4. Yes, i agree with your views on this.Was just looking for ways to reduce it if possible. (If i had missed a setting in prefs i.e). My rep was automatic i think. So it should be sunday league. But i did overachieve a bit my first season. Predicted 20th and ending up 4th. I suppose my players are in demand for good reasons. Its just a little to much in demand in my view. I have no problem with a player leaving for a better contract or better club. Its just the amount of spam in my inbox. I hate when i notice thieve gone to late, and dont have a replacement in line...
  5. I have a couple of questions. Not directly related to the file it self. It might be due to what settings i set initially. Im in season two with 9.0.1 version of the EEE file. 1. I keep getting lots of job offers from clubs at similar level. Like 3-7 offers for interview every week. I appreciate the interest, but i want to build the club, and not swap. It seems to list as "applied" when i check Job Center. Not sure if that indicate the game somehow have applied for jobs for me or not.. Is there a setting in prefs / settings to reduce or eliminate this? 2. Same for my players. They are in big demand. Offers for my players are rolling in week in and week out. Some go but most reject offers. Then next week new bids for the same players. I totally ignore it, but its not very realistic i think. Yes, players swap clubs for sure. But not in this scale. I dont see this as caused by the EEE file in any way. Just asking if anyone have any clue how to reduce it. (first version of the file has worked so far for me. So im not restarting as of now. January 2017 ingame)
  6. Also struggled with crashes before tonight, with the EEE file. Crashed some dates every time. Holiday helped sometimes. One save i gave up. I didnt play for a while before the EEE release, so not sure if the errors where related or how long I might have had them. Anyway, played 3-4 hours tonight with no crashing. Did get an update to FM last night i think. I suspect that somehow might have fixed it. I did not verify the cache. Hopefully its "fixed".
  7. Thanks for the release! Already enjoying it. And just a quick note to add that "Create a club" seem to work fine with this addon also. As someone with no real connection with local clubs in England, this seemed like a fun thing to do. Starting a new club at lowest level possible. and how far can we go...?
  8. And you have no idea how much we just want to download it right now... Looking forward to kicking off a new save in a few days.
  9. Ive given up on trying to stay within budget in my current save. Was stuck in Conference south for four-five seasons and nothing changed. Small losses every year, but no way out of the red numbers accumulating. Somehow the wage budget was still much bigger than i spent. And expectation was allways "try to avoid relegation". I got tired of it and signed better (more expensive players), and started winning more. Finally won promotion... Big red numbers now, but the board chips in now and then. All the clubs in the division do the same. I really dont like this aspect of the game. There should be a more strict settings for the AI also. Or a setting for it or something. (I might be wrong, its only my experiences with FM over the years)
  10. Im hoping for some positive news in this thread soon. Would love to kick off a career at Christmas time. (no pressure ) Not sure if ill pick one random team in the lowest league, or try editing my "fake club" at lowest level. Will the Create a club option work with this file also?
  11. cant wait for this to be released Anyone found any good logo pack for lower league teams yet? edit: found one myself. http://fm-xpert.net/upload/index.php?/topic/445-tcm14-logos/
  12. I know what I want for christmas this year Have enjoyed the release the past two years a lot. And i wont start fm13 for real until this is installed. Keep up the good work! And merry christmas!
  13. anyone ever tried to remove the leagues as you move up the league system? Ive made it to league two, and removed the level 7+8. And added some other leagues. Struggeling with runtime errors now. Not sure whats the cause. but suspect the removal. Posted about it in bugs forum, and looking for help there. Stuck cuz my 5 week autosave didnt take me back long enough to recover. Crashes on aug 9th 2025. Using the original uncle ron files, launched close to game realease. Just a heads up... Enjoyed/enjoyng the update a lot though, until this.
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