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  1. I did yes. Not the first time i loaded it, but later tries i did. Also see all the teams only have an assistant manager and no manager (on all i checked). Some maybe a physio and a couch. Very few had managers. I presume it might be a bit early to set out on this adventure yet.
  2. Did anyone else try using this and take on a team in the lowest divisions? I found that almost all my players was wanted by other teams, and nobody would sign for me. Is it a reputation problem perhaps? Or is it the same for all teams at this level, and just a bug maybe? Might be a lack of players available(?). Think i saw something about such a topic, but never found link to a bug report or anything. so, im still waiting a bit to get a save going with this. Have done some low level i England before which i enjoyed. So was looking to Germany this year.
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