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  1. Definitely Not. It`s part of todays football world. But it should be improved.
  2. kingfisher-blue

    RE: Windows XP to Windows 7

    Thanks Eugene, your a true gent, just what I wanted to hear. Thanks again, John
  3. Just a quick question, am playing FM13 on 32bit Windows XP and am thinking about switching to Windows 7 64bit. Would I still be able to retain my saved game or would I have to start over. Many thanks for any help given.
  4. kingfisher-blue

    A Message On Football Manager 2012 Activation

    Having recently taken a break from flight simming to give FM2011 a try, I found I was really enjoying playing and was seriously looking forward to FM2012. Now that Steam are involved however I have decided to return to flight simming and forget all about FM. Sorry guys but this is a no go for me. Am now planning my next tranatlantic flight, so its back to flight simming for me. John
  5. kingfisher-blue

    New Manager

    Hi, Have decided to take some time out from Flight Simming to plunge into football managing. Am playing FM2011 and have dived into the BSN league with Harrogate. Have played my first season, the aim was to avoid relegation. Which I managed, just. Am now into my 2nd season, have been set upper table finish this seaon, so far so good. Lying 3rd after seven games having won 4 drawn 3 lost 0. Am really enjoying playing it and am fast getting very addicted. Love the 3D match play, the transfer market and the player interaction. Would really appreciate any advice from you guys as I just cannot visualise taking Harrogate into the Premiereship. Possibly into League2, after that no way. So please let me have all the advice you can give. Thanks for your time, John