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  1. Season 8 is now in the books and another highly successful campaign in all competitions. A couple of highlights: Bale won is 7th Ballon d'Or (Golden Ball) in a row. Cavani is now Spur's all time leading league goal scorer, ending the season on 229 career league goals. I got a bit nervous half way through the season when I noticed Levy's status has changed from "loves the club" to "willing to listen to offers". Suffice to say he did listen to offers and ultimately sold controlling interest to a "local businessman" for a cool 500m. I must admit, in all my years of playing FM, this is the first takeover I've endured and I would have been shattered if I'd been sacked, especially after they named the ne stadium after me! Anyway, I survived, so all good and onto pre-season to prepared for our assult on season 9. I've been ruthless to start the off season, by moved on a few aging club stalwarts despite the expected supporter backlash: * Cavani - club lcon and new all time leading league goalscorer. Sold to Bari for 25M. * Hamsik - club Legend. Sold to Barcelona for 30M where he'll link up with fellow former Spurs Modric & Bassong. * Willian - club Icon. Sold to Real Madrid for 30M. There will be a significant injection of youth into my rotation next season to replace these guys, hoping to maximise the potential of several highly rated newgens. Walker, Sandro and of course Bale are the only Spurs "originals" left at the club. COYS!
  2. Finished my 7th season at Spurs and another very successful campaign again winning the quadrella. Heading into the off-season I had a few tough decisions to make with regards to a few aging stars, namely Modric, Bassong, Cissokho & Cavani. * Cavani - will turn 32 this season and only needs 29 league goals to beat the club record of 220, so kept him with that in mind. Pretty easy decision in the end. * Bassong - will turn 32 this season also, and with plenty of young DC's in the ranks offloaded him to Barcelona for 20M + 50% of the next sale. * Cissokho - with Jack Robinson and a ripper young Italian newgen in the ranks, I offloaded him to Marseille also for 20M + 50% of the next sale. * Modric - the hardest call. He's 33 and regressing a bit, so I decided to move him on in the end to Barcelona for 15M. Rejected bids from Man U & Man City as I would rather he be playing in Spain. With that out of the way, I again just focused on finding the best kids I could and picked up a GK, DL and DC prospect all relatively cheaply. My squad will look like this heading into the season proper: GK - Guilherme / Viviano DR - Walker / Vrsaljko DC - Grabulosa^ / Roberto^ DC - Kayiranga^ / Zampetti^ DL - Robinson / Bartoli^ DMC - Sandro / P.Jones MC - Kovacic / Martin^ MC - Hamsik / Barkley AMR - Willian / Muniain AML - Bale / Douglas Costa ST - Cavani / Carazinho^ ^ denotes a newgen. Other non-newgens of note in my squad are Fierro & Niang who have both been loaned out for 5M & 4M loan fees respectively. The rest of my squad are newgens. Club Legend, Gareth Bale won his 6th consecutive Golden Ball/Ballon d'Or. Mr.Levy decided to increase the stadium's capacity from 55K to 64K, which will be completed durind September. I've got 232M to spend, however I'm more than happy with my squad at present and the newgens I have coming through the ranks. Hoping for one more productive season out of Cavani, Hamsik and possibly Willian before cashing them in before their value and ability decrease. Managerial moves of note at the close of season 7: * Arsenal are again looking for a new Manager following the retirement of Marcelo Beisla. * Mancini got the sack from Man City, who appointed Mourinho. * Real Madrid then promptly appointed Mancini. COYS!
  3. I only know of three off the top of my head (at work unfortunately!). * King was a free agent Asst Mgr and for a few seasons, however has just been appointed Asst Mgr of Newcastle. * VdV is a coach at Schalke. Will keep and eye on him down the track as he looks promising. * Cudicini is a free agency GK coach. I'll check some of the others tonight out of interest. .........and here they are: * Parker - coach at Leeds * Gallas - coach at Bolton * Pavlychenko - youth coach at Sunderland * Pienaar - coach at Duisburg * Jenas - Asst Mgr at Rochdale * Assou-Ekotto - free agent coach * Freidel & Defoe have retired but are no longer in the game.
  4. I agree, Gomes is excellent in the game. I used Gomes for the the first 3 seasons and only moved him on (AC Milan for 9.5M) because I got Victor Valdes for free heading into season 4. He's still starting for AC Milan in season 7. I signed Guilherme in season 1 and had to loan him out to Litex every season until he got a work permit. Freidel was off loaded after season 1 as I didn't want his wages sitting there as a back up only, plus the age factor. Valdes provided a further 3 years of excellent service before heading into my 7th season, where Guilherme had overtaken Valdes (sold to Bari for 8.5M) ability wise. So in season 7 Guilherme is my Number 1 ,with Viviano (signed for free end of season 3) my Number 2. Guilherme has just taken up Romanian citizenship and is their National Team's new Number 1.
  5. My new stadium is named after me! I didn't ask for it to be built either, however I did get a message in my inbox about it happening.
  6. Hi all, Got to say I'm loving this save, I'm into my 7th season now and my squad looks like this: GK - Guilherme / Viviano DR - Walker / Vrsaljko DC - Grabulosa* / Bassong DC - Roberto* / Kayirnaga* DL - Cissokho / J.Robinson DMC - Sandro / P.Jones MC - Modric / Kovacic MC - Hamsik / Barkley AMR - Willian / Muniain AML - Bale / Douglas Costa ST - Cavani / Carazinho* * denotes regen other non-regen notables: Feirro, Niang, Crisetig. I haven't been overly active in the transfer market that couple of seasons, other than picking up lots of young hopefuls! Heading into season 7 I offloaded just the two players: * Kaboul for 20M to AC Milan - sad to see him go, but he was aging and Roberto is ready to start. * Victor Valdes for 8.5M to Bari - provided 3 great years iof service, but was starting to decline at 35 years of age. I will be looking for both Guilherme & Roboerto to step up into these vacated statting roles this season. So far so good anyway. I'm looking forward to the challenge over the next couple of years of migrating some of my aging stars out like Modric, Cavani, Cissokho & Hamsik. I will need to be sensitive as to how I go about it, as some our now clubs legends. With a 140M transfer budget still availabe to me, I feel suitable ready when the time is right to move these guys on. My new stadium is finally finished, complete with retractable roof and 56K capacity, so hoping to enjoy increased financial benefits from that as well. COYS!
  7. Adebayor was superb for me the first season, but I chose to not sign him due to his wages demands. If you do wish to sign him, let his loan expire and he'll go back to Man City and is usually available very cheaply. I signed Cavani for 24M over 48 months and he has been nothing short of sensational as my lone striker. Defoe was decent as a back up too.
  8. Hi all, Having a great start to my 4th season, after making a conscious decision effort to focus on developing my youth a lot more than I had in the first couple of seasons. I've been using the same 4-3-2-1 since the start and it continues to serve me well. My squad looks likes this at the moment: GK - Valdes / Viviano DR - Walker / Vrsajlko DC - Kaboul / Grabulosa* DC - Bassong / King DL - Cissokho / Robinson DMC - Sandro / Huddlestone MC - Modric / Barkley MC - Hamsik / Van Der Vaart / Kovacic AMR - Willian / Lennon AML - Bale / Douglas Costa ST - Cavani / Niang Others - Naughton, Fierro, Sanogo, Coulibaly, Kishna & lots of regens. * denotes a regen. I had a pretty quite off season, mainly focusing on bringing in some more youth, until I was offered Victor Valdes for free. How could I refuse that? Transfers in: * Viviano (GK) free - was originally signed to be back up to Gomes. * Valdes (GK) free - I just couldn't say no. * plus a few regens. Transfers out: * Ospina (GK) to Sevilla for 7.5M. He was whinging about being a back up. Got him for free originally, so bye! * Gomes (GK) to AC Milan for 9.5M. Sorry to see him go as he served me well, but Valdes is slightly younger and better. I'll be looking for a DC and DMC to stengthen the squad in the January transfer window and have been trying to unsettle Phil Jones at Man U, as I think he'd be ideal. I've managed to become a favoured personel of his, but Manu U want more than I'm willing to pay for him at the moment. I'm currently comfortably on top in the league and have qualified 1st in my Champions League Group (Dortmund, Villareal & Fiorentina). To top things off nicely, Arsenal are struggling in 8th position and have lots of unhappy players and a few transfer listed such as Van Persie, Song (off to Barcalona), Koscielny and Walcott injured for 3 months whilst on England duty. Happy days! COYS.
  9. You should have a look at Willian and Douglas Costa. I use Lennon as back up to Willian at AMR and Douglas Costa as back up to Bale at AML. Both can play AMC/MC if needed in a pinch.
  10. Good to see some of the early success people are having with Spurs. I've just finished pre-season on season 2 with a comfortable win over Man City (3-1) in the Community Shield. * League - won on Goal Difference from Man City. We both ended up on 95 points. * League Cup - beat Man Utd 2-0. Had a pretty good draw most of the way to be honest. * FA Cup - beat Notts Forest 3-0, but had a reasoanably tough draw until the final. * Euro Cup - beat Dortmund 3-0 in the final. A pretty successful first season all things considered. Standouts were Adebayor, Bale, Kaboul, Gomes, Cavani, Lennon and Defoe when called upon. I'm using my own 4-2-3-1 formation which now looks likes this: GK - Gomes / Sorensen DR - Walker / Vrsaljko DC - Kaboul / Dawson DC - King / Bassong DL - Cissokho / Naughton DMC - Sandro / Huddlestone MC - Modric / Van Der Vaart MC - Hamsik / Thiago Neves AMR - Willian / Lennon AML - Bale / Douglas Costa ST - Cavani / Defoe Got a few youngsters developing as well such as Niang, Sanogo, Fierro, Coulibaly, Bertolacci and some regens. I've made the following major sales: * Pav - 5.5m * Kranjcar - 8.0m * Assou-Ekotto - 8.0m * Jenas - 4.5m * Livermore - 1.5m * Khumalo - 2.5m * Friedel - 500k * Bentley - free I chose not to buy Adebayor despite him banging in 40 goals due to salary reasons and I am still deciding whether to keep or sell Dos Santos since I purchased Willian & Douglas Costa in the summer. Looking forward to my assault on the Champions League in season 2!
  11. Totally agree with this......it is very frustrating not knowing what the injury is in game. Also, I'd like the ability to remove an injured player from the pitch and continue with 10 men, if I've utilised all 3 subs. It's frustrating being forced to play an injured player, especially a star player and risking further damage if I'm ahead 3-0 and can afford to play with 10 men.
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