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  1. Keep getting error message when about to download the data

    I've got the same problem on HTC Wildfire. When it finally downloaded I went on the app and got the same message. Im out of the window for a refund now and I assume I'm not compatible. Can I download the additional data from another source?
  2. Travelling Around Europe

    Paloma 2011 - Slovenian Third League East So I joined Paloma. A unknown team in the lower leagues of Slovenia. Not a team where I would be looking to end my career at, however a good starting point considering I had a decent wage/transfer budget. I took over in July and the team performed as expected. We played 21 games, only losing 5! However we were still 18 points off league leaders Stojnci. I really needed to turn this around if I was going to get anywhere in my career! League Table Past Positions Transfers (No player out) As you may realise, I didn't play a full season. This is because I got the job offer at Armenian High League club Impulse Dilijan. The club narrowly avoided relegation last season and was looking for a new approach. They appointed me in December, and I left Paloma to join the heights of top flight football. We have gone from the competition ranked 309th in Europe to the competition ranked 170th. A nation with four teams playing in Europe next season. The club preview will come soon!
  3. Travelling Around Europe

    Travelling Around Europe Hopefully this save will last a good 20+ Seasons. With the new addition of Add/Remove Leagues and a little help from the Editor, you can manage virtually everywhere nowadays. So just because I loaded these particular leagues doesn't mean I wont move to the bigger nations across Europe! Leagues Loaded: Info: I started Unemployed with Sunday League Reputation and applied for every job going. I got over 100 offers from clubs ranging from Amateur clubs in Wales, to Professional in Norway. Some offered me £5 a week, whilst others offered me £1000 per week, however I chose the job at Paloma in the Slovenian Third League East. The aim is to achieve a mid-table finish, and hopefully get offered the job at a team in a higher league, or if that fails, get promotion! There's only one spot up for grabs.
  4. But it costs 50p for a match ticket? you'd be better off buying a season ticket on the odd chance you return to watch the match
  5. This really is amazing, great work!
  6. Shame about the leiknir result, promotion next season?
  7. I would love to take Haringey to the CL final This sounds like a great idea and I would defo download
  8. Secondary Divisions - Any success stories?

    Yes, they worked a treat on my DB where I split the English league into 8 regions.
  9. I can't see the writing o_O
  10. This was a great little career you had here; sad to see it end I'm hoping to do something similar with Bideford AFC
  11. [FM11] To the Premier League in a Lymo...

    can I see the league table?
  12. [FM11] - It started with a Kids(grove Athletic)...

    Just seen this, and you are doing great! Keep up the good work and in a few seasons you will get promoted.
  13. [FM11] Only Mad Dogs and Englishmen...

    If he is about to take over, fire corluka
  14. [FM11] Failure in Asia

    Congratz Are you gonna carry on with Newcastle or move to another club?