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  1. It seems to of sorted itself out now but they still say they will evaluate all their options even when I am the only one interested in them.
  2. Yeah ive got £500 left, can't sign anyone.
  3. I am Dover in the BSP and whenever I offer a free agent a contract I can't change any details. When I suggest the contract that is there they say they will take it into consideration but always reject it. Is this normal or a bug? Thanks in advance.
  4. Is anybody having trouble with the attendance? I haven't got above 2000 yet.
  5. Hey everyone, just a quick question about attendance as mine is not rising above 2000. Is everyone getting Anfield filled or having the same problem as I am? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey is anyone getting really low attendances? Just had 2 games at home with just over 1000 fans in and one was against Chelski?
  7. Thanks for the quick feedback. Well annoying I can't play it tomorrow if I get it early, wanted to get Liverpool into the CL by the end of the week
  8. Read a few of the posts about the game only working on Friday onwards. Does that mean if I get the game delivered on Thursday (ordered from shopto.net so very likely) i can't play it till the next day? Thanks
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