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  1. sorry, didnt realise there was a time limit, silly me !
  2. what an absolute pain in the ass downloading this, the download mirrors are a joke ! sod it ill use the skin i already have.
  3. OMG why is it such a ball ache to just download this skin !! every year i get more annoyed by this game !!!
  4. Cant wait for this, i cant play the game with the skins that are available at the moment.
  5. well, ive been able to sort it out and im crap at this sort of thing, just follow the post, people there can help.
  6. Its all on this page mate, ive been trying for the last hour and finally i have backgrounds near the bottom of the page .. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/321316-FM13-RELEASED-Steklo-X3/page5
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