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  1. @First Name Last Name; My tactic will be about retaining possession. In terms of FM; our technical stats are above average, but our defending and mental stats aren't too good. However I will still need lots of stamina or I will have to ask my full backs 'stay back at all times'.
  2. Thank guys. Both make sense and I will research more about these. Do you think 4 days in a week would be enough? or should we do these everyday? And I think we should start with a lighter training and it can get heavier as we gain more strength each day. For example; 1st day 3x600m.. 2nd day 3x800m 3rd day 4x800,etc.. Am I wrong?
  3. I am a teacher in Turkey and I have been asked to manage the football team of my high school. I have seen some students playing and it looks like my main problem is their 'stamina'. I mean they have always played in smaller pitches. Now they are grown up but when they sprint 90-100 metres, they are all finished up n struggling to breathe. So I am thinking of doing some aerobic and strength training to improve their stamina n fitness. Could you please advise me some drills for that kind of training? We have 35 days until the tournament starts. Any help or links are appreciated.
  4. I think I have the weirdest one. Just in 2016 England manager is Pako Ayestaran.
  5. Defo yes for me. Managing under 21s or 18s is not a different thing. It is easy for SI too. You will have some rules and that's it. It is just like managing Castilla or Barcelona B.
  6. It depends on how you do especially in national cups. If you beat big names with a lower league team your reputation will get a huge boost.
  7. Gunner; Conceded a few easy goals at the start of the season so I decided to loan Bettinelli from Fulham and he has been brilliant for me. Actually I was really impressed with Lillis' performances against me and that's why I signed him. Didn't give him enough playing time to judge though.
  8. Crawley were relegated to League Two and a Greek tycoon took over. Thanks to the money available, I managed to get a few decent signings. Won promotion 10 games to go and won the title comfortably in March as well. Paddy Madden scored 57 goals. My biggest achievement is in FA Cup though!! Looking forward to this now..
  9. I always go with no coaching badgets and Sunday league player which is the lowest profile i guess. I get many jobs like Cambridge, Oxford, Dagenham, etc. You should apply after February though.
  10. yes latest update which was released about 10 days ago.. and both of them are in the same save
  11. If you aren't sure how to find out if you have a tycoon in your save, I can help you.
  12. https://mega.co.nz/#!N1FUzKxR!AQheq8-8noY8eGrVOKDD11kfi0AZQd9tDsZhVCcTNNI
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