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  1. Wow, this is probably the most confusing FM for me so far. Isn't it possible to make your own training schedules or import them anymore?
  2. How come Gotoku Sakai who plays for Stuttgart isn't in the game?
  3. Patch 12.1.0: Assets ====== ESP - Updated Liga BBVA ad hoarding FRA - Fixed Nantes away kit Isn't fixing Nantes away kit.. like the same?
  4. Hi, so we're basically at 12.1.1 update and yet Real Madrid's red third kit hasn't been made yet, why? I was once told by a moderator that it would be made in future patches (think it was about 3-4 months ago), so we're in 12.1.1 but still not done.. don't tell me it's going to be done in 12.3.1..?
  5. Hi, I'm Real Madrid with Large Database yet when I click on young players at other clubs, some of their attributes are not showing.. can anybody help? This makes it hard for me to see if they fit the attributes I'm looking for. Normally this would only be the case when I'm looking at playes who play in foreign leagues, but this is Spain.
  6. Thanks for the effort, I'll try this out tomorrow. I still wish they'd do something about this for FM13 though.
  7. This is a huge problem and a lot of Spanish football fans do not like this at all. First teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Villareal and etc. should be linked together with their second teams as reserve teams and NOT SEPERATE SINGLE TEAMS. Real Madrid, Real Madrid Castilla (2nd team) and Real Madrid C(3rd team) are all ONE CLUB in real life, where as in game they are still seperate teams, Real Madrid are not Castilla's feeder club. I can't train players at Castilla/C like I can with U19 (JuvenilA,B,C) I don't have any influence on the players. Florentino Pérez is president for RM, Castill and C in game (as in real life) yet they're still not one club. Another reason why this thing is irritating is because players such as Arbeloa and other players who have spent years in Castilla, C are not being counted as homegrown players because they're seperate clubs. Example: Castilla 3 years Real Madrid C 2 years Real Madrid 1st team 1 year In real life = Homegrown. In game it's not like this at all, in the game the player is being counted as a homegrown/youth player of Castilla and not Real Madrid. So, since the developers won't bother with this I'd like to ask if it's possible to make Castilla and C ONE with first team like U19 team is? (Editor)
  8. Problem though is that I can't access FM12 Editor, it says 'Football Manager 2012 Editor not working' .. Guess there's no way, thanks then. Disappointed how they excluded it for no apparent reason.
  9. It was already on it's way down to page 2 and I'm going to bed very soon so I was afraid it would get no response the next morning.
  10. I'm afraid I have to bump.
  11. Hello, when I played the demo there was no red kit for Real Madrid, but that didn't worry me because I read that the kits weren't final yet.. however I just bought the full retail version and it's still not in the game. How come they excluded the third kit this year of Real Madrid? ..
  12. Raver training + sets

    Hey man, this looks like a fantastic training program and I'll use it, however I have some questions I'd like you to answer if possible. 1) Is there only one striker schedule for strikers who want to track back to midfield? No schedule for regular strikers (not creative players like Agüero) 2) CM/DM players, are they supposed to be in the Box to box schedule? (Players like Alonso, Sahin or Khedira, Lass) 3) Which schedule do you think Cristiano belongs to?
  13. Thanks! Close thread please.