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    Playing FM11 because FM12 is too easy.
  1. FM2012 difficulty.

    Don't forget those loyal customers who paid for the game based upon years of enjoying the previous versions who are finding it far too easy - like me!
  2. FM2012 difficulty.

    Deleted the game already :o or I would be glad to. I will try and repeat a similar feat and post what I achieve! EDIT... What is the best way of posting screenshots? I am a screenie virgin!:o
  3. FM2012 difficulty.

    The funniest thing I managed to achieve so far was in my (previous) Rangers save, where I played every player out of position and went on a 3 match unbeaten run! I had Kirk Broadfoot (DR/C) in goal, with my 2nd choice Keeper Neil Alexander at right back, 41 year old David Weir up front and every other player coloured red in the positional ability section. First game I drew 1-1 with Inverness away, game 2 won 3-2 against Dundee in the Scottish Cup (David Weir scored 2 as a striker and covered the most ground on the pitch at 41 years old!!!), and in the third game I beat Hearts 2-0 (again a brace from David Weir and a man of the match performance as a striker!!!) At this point I laughed out loud - particularly at David Weir's spectacular 2nd goal in the Hearts match. Anyone who has seen David Weir hit a shot will understand why I laughed! The funny thing was that after the Hearts match (in the league), I then had them in the following match in the League Cup Final. I played that match using my first eleven all in their correct positions, but only won by a single goal to nil!!! Conclusion - you can play all players out of position and still win some matches. Quite funny really. Try it yourselves - play everyone out of position and see what happens.
  4. FM2012 difficulty.

    Agreed - and I am a fully paid up member of the "too easy brigade"!!! I simply want to see what I can do with very little input into the game other than a set of tactics. Just won a friendly 2-0!!! Things are looking up...
  5. FM2012 difficulty.

    Small update - first 3 games and lost them all!!! LOL - maybe I am wrong who knows!
  6. FM2012 difficulty.

    Because I am curious to see if there is any big difference in the performance of the same tactics from FM11 to FM12. I have used these tactics before and know how they performed in last years game - and anyway, whatever tactics I use I shouldn't be able to get Clyde into the Champions League at all really should I?
  7. FM2012 difficulty.

    A good point and a challenge that I am going to try! I have just started a game as Clyde in Scottish Division 3. I have downloaded a set of tactics that I used in FM11, will not sign anybody in my first season and see what happens... Might not get to far through the game this week, but I am interested to see if what you ask is possible.
  8. FM2012 difficulty.

    Possibly, although it would be nice if someone from SI would acknowledge the issue rather than leaving stuff like this up to the customers and making little or no comment. After all, I bought a game to play it not to conduct tests on it. Rant over! In saying that, I'm off to conduct some tests!!!
  9. FM2012 difficulty.

    In the game that I am currently playing, I have signed nobody (players or staff), left friendlies up to my assman to arrange, standard training etc - and yet the game is still the same. I am going to experiment a bit with things this weekend to see what happens!
  10. FM2012 difficulty.

    Agreement reached in this thread - that must be a first.
  11. FM2012 difficulty.

    I take on board what you say but my experience is the opposite way around. In the past I have found FM to be just about right in terms of difficulty/challenge/fun mix. This year is different in the sense that I don't need to input much (if anything) into the game in order to have a successful team. Perhaps there is an overall issue to be looked at in terms of the series, but this is the first time I have experienced it to such an extent. Agreed - a change won't be possible overnight, but it does need looking at by those at SI.
  12. FM2012 difficulty.

    Speedas - wow! You need to get out more!
  13. FM2012 difficulty.

    I don't believe in a grand conspiracy either. I simply feel that SI have slightly taken their collective eyes off the ball. What Erimus1876 said is spot on. Surely in any game you shouldn't be able to continually win games/trophies without requiring some greater level of input from the game player? A game aimed at (very) young children would do that for sure - but something that is claiming in their own marketing to be "immersive" and "realistic" should not be "winnable" in as straightforward a manner as it currently is. Therefore, my only "conspiracy theory" is that perhaps SI want the game to be all things to all people. Easy to play for the younger players but looking the part for more experienced players. The problem is that looking the part is not sufficient. An old Glasgow saying of "mutton dressed as lamb" comes to mind.
  14. FM2012 difficulty.

    Just about hits the nail on the head for me too.
  15. FM2012 difficulty.

    What is a packing contest?