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  1. Thanks for the reply that sorted the issue.
  2. Same issue here,before the last hotfix when watching the matches on 3d it ran smoothly but now its laggy....
  3. i finished my first season with newcastle only winning 1 of my last 11 premiership games,it was really annoying to watch and you could tell my players had no confidence,we ended up finishing 12th on 47 points i think so it was a good job we had done ok in first half of the season,i also keep getting the urge to restart after the first season,i must have ocd but i want to do better and also i withdrew tiote,jonas and liechsteiner from internationals at the start of the game without knowing about the bug so i want to restart now and not do this again.
  4. in fact i nearly done the carbon copy of newcastles first season,i finished on 47 points(46 in real life) 12th (12th in real life) gf 57 ga 58 (gf 56 ga 57),also only won 1 of my last 11 games which was a joke though,i was so frustrated watching the games,near pulling my hair out,my team couldnt play to save there lives,major clearout ahead.
  5. yea i knew about that,mine was usually ok,i noticed once that all the games had tv beside them but think that was it
  6. i have just finished my first season with newcastle and just noticed that all the games wernt played on the sunday and 5 sets of matches are on the monday,this must be a bug as all final games have to be played on the same day.can someone shed some light on this???
  7. i have him but only found out about him from fm 2010,i never look on the internet for wonderkids as you have stated!!!
  8. i couldnt give away smith,lovenkrands and a few others in my first season as newcastle
  9. they should give some better skins out of the box,the ones we are given are not very good espically the dark and plain...
  10. chiek tiote in real life has ammounted up 13 yellows this season so far and if he gets 2 more by the end of the season he will miss another 3 games
  11. my defensive line is set on deep 3 clicks from 6,also i have my whole team on the last click of own half for closing down,i have my defenders set all on defend and sometimes the full backs on support but i have there overall mentality manually selected as 3clicks from 6 also i am having a great first season with newcastle with 44 points from 27 games,i have bought in youthful fowards and will revamp the defense in the summer although williamson and colo havent been to bad overall but i need more quality which i will defiantly get.
  12. so if i set his passing to more direct that will hopefully solve the issue a bit,ok thanks for that.why wont he just give it to the defender as i have it set or do i have to set the focus passing down the flanks to get him to pass it to either the left or right full back???
  13. i've just noticed it the past two games,i dont know why krul dosent pass short to a defender as i have him set, his passing style is also 3 clicks of 6 on the short for passing style.
  14. i have noticed the past few games that from kick outs my keeper who is set to "defender collect" will just hit it straight up the middle and the oppisition just head it back towards my goal with my defenders flat footed (williamson and colliccini i know arent great defenders) there foward will run onto the ball and score,very frustrating,is this a bug or my fault???
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