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  1. Clear all of the opposition instructions in your tactics. Go to the next match. Before the next match add in all the opposition instructions for Tactic A, save that tactic. Then load Tactic B and add in all the opposition instructions and save that tactic. I was doing a similar thing with marking specific players. I have my tactic S1 and then save different versions depending on the oppositions formation. So I end end with a list of saved tactics like S1v442, S1v4321, S1v433 Narrow, S1v4123 DM WIDE etc. This is to get my AMR and AML marking the correct opposition player, I assume this would work with all opposition instructions as long as you do not have any set in your overall set up.
  2. darkfng

    U20 squads

    Are there restrictions on the squads for friendlies? That would be annoying.
  3. darkfng

    U20 squads

    The info shows in my game, see screenshot. I'm currently trying my luck with Stirling and was looking at this earlier.
  4. I don't know what you mean by Screen Flow coming up. I mean untick Visit News Automatically, the option is in screen flow, which is in preferences/interface. I never see the social feed and the inbox seems to have less minutiae this year, I assume its all in the social feed. Have a look for the option, hope it solves your issue. I have attached a screenshot of where I mean.
  5. darkfng

    I am in FM17

    This is very cool, congratulations! Now about those fitness, stamina and work rate stats Combine dramatic improvement there, with your natural leadership, decision making, long shots and all round pace and I might be interested in signing you for Stirling. Will get scout reports in the mean time and I'm sure we will all have another look in FM18! Best of luck in your preseason.
  6. I've not used the Fantasy Draft much but I don't see an option to play it how I think it should be played. I want to set up a Fantasy club (once - save the club details for next time) Then go to a lobby page where fantasy games are available against other random people. You have, what seems to me to be, a very large player base (13,000 on FM17, 30,000 on FM16, and 6,000 on FM15 according to steamdb.info) so I would assume there would be enough to play like this. Then I want to join a Fantasy game with 5 other players and play a ten game league. Or a variation thereof, I guess specified by a host, I am a bit hazy on this, maybe just have SI set the formats. I am not sure if I am just missing this option in the current game. I don't have 5 friends currently online playing, I don't want to go through the hassle of organising a group to play at a certain time. Family life dictates that I will never really have a set time that I can play. But I do frequently have time available for a 'session'. Ten games would be a decent session. It would be nice to be able to take a break from my long, painful slow rise through the ranks from Stirling in League 2 to, well to be honest League 1 I will try fantasy against the AI but it really seems to me that it should work in a manner similar to above outlined, have I misunderstood how it works currently?
  7. See if this works. Load your saved game. Click on FM (options) - Preferences - Interface (from the drop down menu) - Screen Flow - Untick Visit News Screen Automatically. You have to do this every time you begin a new career. I think that works for me, let us know if it works for you.
  8. darkfng

    Default to Inbox?

    OP - Load your saved game. Click on FM (options) - Preferences - Interface (from the drop down menu) - Screen Flow - Untick Visit News Screen Automatically. You have to do this every time you begin a new career. I have been doing this automatically for a couple of years now because I hated being taken to the old news screen. I did it with FM17 and have never* been taken to the Social Feed. I also used to unsubscribe from all the awards, leagues, countries, players and everything else that my assistant manager would try to subscribe me to. This time I have let my assistant manager follow whatever social feeds he wants, it doesn't bother me because I never see them. But now you have me wondering whether or not following social feeds uses processing power and slows down the game at all. Thinking about it, surely it does. I'm off to unfollow everything he is following, it's about time he got off social media and did some bloody work. (Obviously I am using my laptop for my main game so any data processing is noticeable) *to the best of my recollection. I will add the caveat that seeing as Hunt3r did not offer this solution, it may not be a solution to your issue at all, his knowledge of the game is far superior to mine. Let us know if this helps.
  9. I was in the same situation, he asked for a new deal, I said he could have one, but his agent refused to open negotiations. I waited until I got the promise reminder in my inbox, at that point the agent allowed me to negotiate a deal.
  10. If any of that ever gets in the game there needs to be an option to let my assistant do it
  11. Go into steam, backup your game, move the backup to the new computer on a USB, install steam on the new pc, restore the backup via steam, play the game.
  12. darkfng

    Fining player for red card.

    My conversation looks like this, I'm not sure why it doesn't show the reply. The reply is always "If it's standard punishment, I have nothing to complain about."
  13. darkfng

    Fining player for red card.

    After I fine them it says they want to talk, in the conversation one of the choices is to tell them its a standard policy. It's been a while since I started the game so I can't remember if the option was always there, or if it appeared after a certain amount of time. I suspect the option only appeared after I had told them they were being unprofessional, I stand by my decision, get on with your job etc, this is what I have always said in the past. If they got unhappy I always carried on as normal either playing them or not with no regard to happiness, unhappiness goes away after a while. I do recall looking at the option to tell them its a standard policy and thinking 'why don't I always click that' so it's possible it takes a while to appear. Maybe you have to make it the standard policy by enforcing it. Once it is standard no one questions it.
  14. darkfng

    Fining player for red card.

    I fine every player for every red card, whether it was a straight red or two yellows. If they complain I tell them it is standard policy to fine them for this offense and they always reply "If it's a standard policy I have nothing to complain about" and they never get unhappy.
  15. Don't put the folders there, take the files that you want and put the files in editor data. That's what I did anyway. Thanks for the pack claassen! This pack is truly mega, I used it last year, I am sure I will love it again this year. Well done sir!