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  1. You could think of yourself as the immortal Director of Football. Pick your favourite lower league team and choose the best assistant manager that you can find, because in this scenario he is the manager, not you. I would recommend playing Football Manager Touch for this. Then allow your assistant to do everything you do not want to do. Use the instant result button for matches. Spend your time searching for players and taking care of the contracts if that's all you are interested in at the moment. The seasons will fly by and you can see how your acquisitions work out. If you do get sacked simply retire that version of yourself and add a new manager who takes over at the club, you are the immortal Director of Football. I've played a couple of games like that and they are quite entertaining for a while, eventually you'll learn enough that you'll want to try the full version of FM. Heaven help you then, before you know it seasons will crawl by because you've loaded up all the teams in all the leagues and will only play watch matches on full highlights so you can tinker with every aspect of your tactics.
  2. Seems like that would be a bug if you are only going on holiday for the day of the game. If you pick the team the day of the game, then click holiday there is (or at least used to be, I haven't looked in FM16) a checkbox for use current team selection where possible.
  3. When you click to activate the two year extension by the club it adds two years to the length of the contract. I usually do it in the final year of the initial three if I want the player to stay for at least one more season, I can always sell him in his final year. I never do the maths on bonuses vs salary. I assume that if the players are getting paid high amounts through bonuses then the team must be achieving success, which usually leads to more revenue.
  4. I aim to reward players that perform so I usually put max bonuses for goals, clean sheets, winning anything, team of the year and scoring 30 goals. Then I usually put contract to 3 years with a 2 year optional extension for the club. I exclude yearly wage rises, promotion wage rises, minimum release clauses. After that we settle on the lowest possible salary that I can get.
  5. Did either player get a large signing on fee?
  6. For the last 4 or 5 versions of FM I schedule a friendly for every 3 days to begin 3 days after returning to training from holiday. I pick my first eleven and my backups for each position, plus the best of the rest for the sub 12 spot. I always manage the friendlies, as soon as the condition of a player dips below 70% he gets subbed by his backup. I frequently rest the whole squad from training before the next friendly so that the condition can improve closer to 100% or sometimes start the backup players and have the first eleven on the bench. I save both team selections as FR 1 and FR 2 to make it easier to switch them before the match. By the time the season starts everyone is at 95-100% condition and 100% match fitness (now sharpness). I am possibly missing out on some physical gains somewhere, but I have not noticed them.
  7. I'm using a 3 yr old desktop, mid range, and playing FM Classic. I have all European leagues loaded down to the level they come with, ie 4 divisions in England, 2 or 3 divisions in most other countries. Also have Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay. I have set my database to small for the last 5 versions of FM, there are 100K players. The game moves along at a fast enough speed. I suggest firing up a game with a small database and only the premier league in England. The game will fly by. Then quit and load up a small database with all the nations and leagues you could ever want. Compare the speeds and decide on number of leagues that suits you best. FM seems to have made improvements in overall processing speed over the years, using FM classic removes all the media and personality calculations from the equation which must boost speed somewhat. I would be interested to hear why anyone prefers a large database, particularly if using fewer leagues.
  8. Mine got moved to China. I took it to mean that SI decided it would be difficult and pointless to rearrange in-game global footballing schedules for a one off winter tournament. Touche SI.
  9. I was in the same situation, he asked for a new deal, I said he could have one, but his agent refused to open negotiations. I waited until I got the promise reminder in my inbox, at that point the agent allowed me to negotiate a deal.
  10. If any of that ever gets in the game there needs to be an option to let my assistant do it
  11. Go into steam, backup your game, move the backup to the new computer on a USB, install steam on the new pc, restore the backup via steam, play the game.
  12. My conversation looks like this, I'm not sure why it doesn't show the reply. The reply is always "If it's standard punishment, I have nothing to complain about."
  13. After I fine them it says they want to talk, in the conversation one of the choices is to tell them its a standard policy. It's been a while since I started the game so I can't remember if the option was always there, or if it appeared after a certain amount of time. I suspect the option only appeared after I had told them they were being unprofessional, I stand by my decision, get on with your job etc, this is what I have always said in the past. If they got unhappy I always carried on as normal either playing them or not with no regard to happiness, unhappiness goes away after a while. I do recall looking at the option to tell them its a standard policy and thinking 'why don't I always click that' so it's possible it takes a while to appear. Maybe you have to make it the standard policy by enforcing it. Once it is standard no one questions it.
  14. I fine every player for every red card, whether it was a straight red or two yellows. If they complain I tell them it is standard policy to fine them for this offense and they always reply "If it's a standard policy I have nothing to complain about" and they never get unhappy.
  15. Don't put the folders there, take the files that you want and put the files in editor data. That's what I did anyway. Thanks for the pack claassen! This pack is truly mega, I used it last year, I am sure I will love it again this year. Well done sir!