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  1. So if I don't want the players to prefer TM/PM, can I create all the specialist roles from a base role? For example, DLP (D) seems to be DM (D) + Shoot Less + Risky Pass.
  2. Is there a way to derive the AI tactic settings from a PKM? I'd like to see what Mourinho is doing at Chelsea. Also, does the AI alter their tactic to fit the player strength?
  3. I used to recall pre-match feedback on squad integration and language barriers in previous FMs. Is that still part of FM14? Not sure when/if I should choose teamwork as match preparation.
  4. Started new game in demo as Arsenal and noticed that only Wilshere is considered trained in England. Gibbs, Woj, Walcott, Ramsey and Ox don't count towards the 8 for squad registration.
  5. Woohoo, awesome improvements for the upcoming Press Conference 2013! Just imagine the hours I can spend perfecting my press conference skills.
  6. Wow, this is freaking brilliant!! Nice job Nocuous. On a side note to SI, why is it so unnecessarily complicated? Does it really add anything to the game by including vague personality descriptions like Jovial and Fairly Sporting?
  7. Get rid of this concept. There's no set and agreed upon market value IRL. The value is different for every club depending on their needs and style. Liverpool values Andy Caroll at 35m whereas Barcelona probably wouldn't even pay 10m. SI should have every club determine their own perceived value of a player.
  8. I asked this earlier and the reply was that it was not created using the set piece editor. However, even manually setting corner settings individually doesn't allow more than one to lurk. I have no idea how to recreate the corner tactic, but it is super effective.
  9. For your attacking corner insturctions, how do you get multiple players to lurk outside area? I can only get one player into that position. As soon as I try to set it for another player, it just swaps with the first.
  10. Have you downloaded 11.1.1? That was one of the bugs they fixed with the custom view disappearing. I personally have no problem with the view sticking.
  11. I just create a custom view with the scout information included. It seems to stick as I move around.
  12. SiN8


    It seems like any change I make reverts back after a couple of days. This ranges everything from attributes to CA to positions. Anyone know why it's happening and how to fix it?
  13. What a great thread!!! Kudos to all the folks contributing to this. This might have been already brought up, but I must have missed it. Which positions are most benefited from having ambidextrous feet? I assume skill positions such as ST and AMC would be much more likely use both feet as supposed to a lumbering centerback. Does the CA loss with "either" factor the position into account? Also, I wonder what actions in the match engine use feet as a variable. I'm sure shooting/passing/crossing would be affected by where the ball is in relation to the player's feet. What about tackling? Does the match engine calculate which foot is used to tackle?
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