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  1. DK 4-4-2 Wingers...

    Fun tactic, thanks! Just finished the first season with Atletico Madrid, played most of the season with this tactic. I finished 3rd after the usual suspects, mainly losing points from away games. My main problem was conceding on the away games. Had some success with this by changing into sort of a nike defense ie. having the centrebacks as central defenders with defend and cover duties and changing the other fullback to a more defending role. I also changed the target man supply to mixed since my forwards aren't particularly good playing in the air. Worked nicely since Forlan was La Liga top goal scorer with 23 goals in the league and Kun scored another 20. Here's the league table and the tables for home and away games. Also some results from the latter half of the season. Notice the seven consecutive clean sheets after changing the defense late in the season. Hopefully I'll concede less in the next season with my tweaks.