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  1. I really love the Beuowolf 442 103p it's going so good with my sevilla team first season https://gyazo.com/ae29c974180ca2d9a0ed7ea2d555c192 https://gyazo.com/958ffb9acc3d2a3c013d6347071f574e https://gyazo.com/f5f9910d05346795dc9ecf9eb5d55a90 https://gyazo.com/2069d33a316370eb3b60fd142947e3b7 Thanks for a good tactic
  2. Is the Beouwolf 451 p101 still working on the 19.3.4 patch or do it need a tweak ?
  3. Thanks Knap for a good tactic, works really good for me on my Lyon save https://gyazo.com/3424f484350fd1540ac6802d1fbd4310
  4. Okey, gonna try it with my malmö team, using your 4231 whiteroom and works beautiful
  5. What tactic do you think work with teams like Aston Villa, Stoke and Sunderland?
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