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  1. League Table - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 Squad - Youth Intake - Transfers League Summary This season started of in the same fashion as the previous one. We started of well, pushing for promotion playoffs, and then as we go in to december the form takes a turn for the worse and we drop to mid table. However, this time we managed to get out of the rot and push for the promotion playoffs again. At the end we finish the season at a respectable 4th position. Something a did not know, until this season, is that the best team out of all 4th placed teams also get in to the playoffs. But a
  2. Season Review League Table - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 Squad - Youth Intake - Transfers Summary It started well, so well infact that I started to believe that the boards expectations might have been a bit soft. But then came december. Our form dropt and we couldn't string together a good run of results or perfomances for the rest of the season. We slipt down to a mid table postion and stayed there until the end. Speaking of the end, there was a takeover and the new chairman had said he wanted to replace me if the takeover was successful. Luckily I had just signed
  3. I need a rest after that. Went from 4-0 up to 4-4... This happen at 4-3.
  4. Gonna give this a try for the first time with Real Jaén. I love the nickname, Los Lagartos (The Lizards). Don't know why they are called that so if anyone else knows, please tell me. My best guess is that there are alot of lizards roaming around in that part of Andalusia. The board want a top half finish, which I think is a bit ambitious for a newly promoted side. But hey Real Jaén used to be in La Liga, 67 years ago, so that might be where their inflated selfe confidence comes from. The Squad is really thin, only 16 players. The only two fullbacks are newgens and th
  5. A little bit late with the screenshot. But I chose Warrington, as I had a save with them last year (and that's also the reason the logo looks different).
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