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  1. FMT = Football Manager Touch, its a version compatible with tablets, its more of a fast approach to the game than the classic one, less talks almost no media, just chose the tac, chose the players or ask the AM to chose it and play. u can do a whole season in about 6h or less is u use instant result.
  2. cant donwload it from steam, can u post other link pls? otherwise we cant test it and give u feedback...
  3. btw for people who prefer to play with 4 at the back, andrefante released another tactic, which i already tested, its still rly good at the back, but i felt the attack was much improved. its a 4-1-4-1 for sure ppl will be more interested in this formation
  4. change "run from deep" to sometimes, will make the trick, the best striker i got who scored more goals with this tactic was llorent, so perhaps u could find player alike. hf
  5. so u mean that to defend that well we need 3 CB, would never work with 2 CB and DR/DL??
  6. its realy a very good tactic, i must say! realy good work here andrefanta, now my question is...its perhaps possible to use the concept of this tactic with a different formation? i like the way the team press's the opposition, and also the way the midfielders move around, attacking and defending, but is it possible to use this with a simple 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1 or even a 3-4-3 ??!
  7. great openning post. enjoying reading this, thanks for sharing ur experience in fm13. i think i will try this, but can do so just tomorrow. great work mate!
  8. FC's - Fast /Complete Strikers: - Look for lots of physical stats, particularly acceleration, speed, Heading, off the ball ! MR/Winger: All round wide-men are good here, they'll be a mix of cutting in and crosses. So look for pace, acceleration & dribbling - somebody that can finish given the chance is a bonus. MC: This guy is an all round midfielder kinda of a box.to.box. Strong type, pass, creativity, kinda of Yaya toure role. DM: typical horseman, think of busquets, mascherano, so marking, tackling, heading, pace, pass are always a plus. but most of the time is sits back near the 2 cb's. FB's : These guys are more defensive than before and will stay back more often, but they do try a lot of crosses, heading, tackling, marking, crosses, pace is a plus. CB's : Typical centre-backs there to defend the goalkeeper. heading, tackling, marking, pace is a plus . GK : Handling, reflexes, command of area - one-on-ones.
  9. this tactic is not TC made, thats why u cant use it, ur playing FMC right ?
  10. i also tried to mirror this, have the winger pushed up on the right and the left one more at the back, and had same results, it realy depends of who u got as wingers, ex: if u play tottenham, u should mirror it, use bayle on the left "center" and lennon on the right pushed up.
  11. team talks i leave it to ass.manager, i use team coasion when i get some new signings or when i get to a new club, preseason, and attcking moviment all the season, cuz im realy goals hungry the center striker scores the most, but the right one also, as both wingers, till now i got success in brasil serie A, french ligue 1, and now im going to try it in italy. most the tactics i downloaded r good but for like 6 months or so like Christtot79 says, but with this tactic im doing so great...i just got so addicted to this game again
  12. totaly agree, actualy i already said that...should we maybe do a new thread? cuz i think a lot of people may think this is for fm12, which isnt wrong, but works better on fm13 i can say that i lost hope with fm13 and went back to fm12, but then when i saw this tact...WOW its just unbelievable. im not tactician brain, im trying to figure out why is that good, and try too implement this philosophy into another systems, 4-4-2 flat, 4-2-3-1 but without success, maybe someone can figure that out hopefully.
  13. tactic still not fluid this just happened !! http://img545.imageshack.us/img545/440/2012121000001h.jpg
  14. i just won everything possible in brasil with Atletico Mineiro with this tact, didnt do any tweaks at all, just plug and play...now i accepted a job in france, im going to play with Toulouse, they'r at 14th middle january, i wanna see if this also works here, and also if it can pull some places ahead!!
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