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  1. What is your favorite Centre-Back (DC)?

    Koscielny from my experience. Guy's a beast at the back. But then I don't really play with many other teams bar Arsenal
  2. Has anyone managed to develop Frimpong into a good player? Want to develop him into a 1st team player.
  3. It is my own.... It's really basic atm (only thing changed is the def. line etc) and I've been playing around with the role Fabregas will play at AM. He seems to be most effective as a advanced playmaker, rather then a treq. Don't want to fiddle too much as it interferes with in game shouts and such doesn't it?
  4. Decided to start a new save as my other one was beginning to wear (I wasn't watching matches, was using a downloaded tactic among other things). Now I'm all hands on, my own training schedules, tactic and am watching each match and making tweaks and such. Only 1 senior signing made, Otamendi in for £7m from Porto (which has been a fantastic piece of business) and a few youth players brought in. This is my best 11:
  5. Cheers Just cauight my eye as a nice looking skin
  6. Yeah it is but in his time at Ath. Madrid he was a beast of a GK so I decided to bite the bullet with him. He did want 140k at 1st too!!
  7. Have had to sell Szczesny for £10m to Roma on my save Wanted out and wouldn't have his mind changed, so off he goes so he doesn't spoil the morale. Same with Nasri although last season on my save he was rubbish (av rating of 6.8 in 26 appearances) and I was thinking of selling him anways. Brought in De Gea (who is, IMO, the best GK on my save currently) for £17.5m and £105k wages and am going to promote a promising youth to take over from Nasri's role.
  8. I've used the MG update with the community one on here and haven't had any problems (that I noticed.).
  9. This young lad is currently my top youth prospect that I'm developing: Bought him for 3m when he was 14, alot of money but he has massive potential (ass man says he can be as good as Fabregas.) Youngest Arsenal goalscorer/player, youngest EPL goalscorer/player. He's got a good future I reckon on my save.
  10. Why's it still got Cruise? He was released a little while back wasn't he?
  11. Winning game after game, conceding hardly any along the way. So can't say I'm too bothered if they 'look' bad
  12. I thought he was a -8 on the default one? If he's a -9 then I haven't touched him either. Could be.
  13. The normal one, only change I made from what I remember was to Szczesny (up his PA to -9(I think). Who looks different?
  14. Thought I'd post my current squad (am in the 2016/17 season) GK Wojciech Szczesny Jose Miguel Defence: Rogerinho Juan Martin Calderon Johan Djourou Gael Clichy Fernando Ordonez Thomas Vermaelen Bacary Sagna Midfield: Canales Samir Nasri Jason Rogers Jason Hoyte Alex Song Alex Chamberlain Aaron Ramsey Cesc Fabregas Jack Wilshere Attack: Vagner Love Theo Walcott Javier Pastore Jarno Westerveld Alberto Paloschi Clichy and Sagna are close to being pushed completely out of the 1st team squad with Ordonez and Calderon pushing on and putting in some fantastic performances down each flank and with a young Brazilian regen Anderson starting to look good. Still on the look out for either a young GK to be 3rd choice or an older 'keeper that can tutor any ones I get through my youth system over the years, other then that that's a pretty good squad IMO. And I'll add this too. The landmarks page from my save: Clicky (as it's a long list I don't want to post the image outright) Current season I'm 6 games in with 1 to spare. Won all 6 scoring 14 and conceding 4. Playing with a 4-2-3-1 narrow, with the fullbacks providing the width.