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  1. only 99p, will put it down to experience, thanks guys
  2. I purchased the all players interested unlockable, it's showing up as purchased in the download store, but when i play the game, there are still players not interested in coming to my team. Do i need to activate this somehow, or am i just missing something?
  3. http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/acer-aspire-f5-571-15-6-laptop-black-10137492-pdt.html
  4. I need a good striker, just been promoted to the premier league, got around £5 million left of my budget.
  5. If this is first season at the start of the game, look for Tim Wiese, a German keeper on a free transfer.
  6. This is the first version of FM where i've actually watched 3d games consistently, it seems much better this year. My only complaint is that I have a slight colour blindness, and when the game uses an orange ball I cannot keep up with watching in 3d, is there any way I can change the colour of the ball to a better one for me?
  7. If a manager doesn't know what attributes are needed for which role a player is in, he wouldn't be much of a manager irl. Also this was certainly in last years game, and i'm not sure but maybe versions before that to.
  8. Picked the original tactic up at the start of the second season with Leicester in the championship. Impressively won my first game 6-0 at home to Reading who were favourites for promotion, but after that gone on a losing streak which I can't seem to break now.
  9. Somewhere between EPL and conference maybe. Either of the Sheffield teams in League 1?
  10. Well exchanging players without a transfer fee isn't a part exchange. I've done a part exchange several times involving a fee also, you just need to have another club interested in one of your players, and you after one of theirs for it to work. Never tried an exchange without a fee though.
  11. How do you find out how many players are currently in your game's database?
  12. Try enabling hidden attributes when you start a new game. Then you can only see some of a players stats.
  13. Howard first season is a very decent back up. I had trouble getting goals out of Beckford to be honest, Howard came in and scored me 15 goals after Christmas period. Gallagher is decent too, and worth keeping for the promotion campaign. I can't get rid of Danns for love nor money, Peltier never really got a place in the side either.
  14. To make it worse, i'd already agreed to sell Jermaine Beckford who he was replacing, now i'm really short of players up front, and no money to bring anyone else in. My own fault I guess, but didn't know this could happen.
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