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  1. This is my second topic in a few minutes(sorry about that) but I have another gripe with the game. Cazorla is 31 and declining and is on 70k per week yet he wants 135k for his next contract and refuses to budge.
  2. So I'm arsenal, won the league 3 years in a row and the Champs Lge twice and Walcott decides he wants a new challenge. Fair enough so I transfer list and offer him to clubs. Swansea(who are tenth) come in with a bid of 14m and I accept. And Walcott decides to accept it.. Bear in mind that I'm currently top so basically Walcott wants a new challenge of mid table mediocrity rather than the challenge of winning titles which makes no freaking sense at all. I think SI just programmed it so that even if a player wants to leave to experience a new challenge, he'll just leave to any club as long as it meets his contract requirement without considering club stature or whatever.
  3. This isn't true. Whenever I've mathematically won the league, I'm too lazy to play the rest of the league games so I just holiday through and I still win Manager of The Year which I've won like the past 15 seasons.
  4. Private Chat Ultimatum

    I think the OP has a point. Not being allowed 2 coaches doesn't make much sense considering you have plenty of space in the wage budget. Surely irl if someone like Wenger or Ferguson wanted to sign 2 more coaches, the board wouldn't be against it. And even if they were, surely there would be some form of negotiation.
  5. I think you might be in the wrong forum mate.
  6. Pundits In FM

    Good to know everyone's keeping to the topic at hand But this would be an interesting feature especially considering currently, you don't feel too immersed in the game. It's all still very superficial.
  7. Yes they do grow. I created a player who was 16 years old, (height 170cm, weight 70kg) and when he was 25 he was like (height 176cm, weight 82kg)
  8. @desmondwolff Damn right. I played the game for over 15 seasons and I just found out about the 'Team Meeting' gadget.
  9. oh boy did i screw up!!

    Yeah like what magicmastermind said, the empty spaces in the squad count as HG players. Also try not to include any u21s.
  10. In my save, I have a regen centre back from the academy who just turned 24. Last season around Nov-Dec, he said that he had achieved all he wanted at the club and wanted to move on and so we had a chat, I told him "Why leave when you can achive so much more?" or something like that then he said all right, he'll drop it and he's happy to stay at the club. Then 2 months later, he's complaining again and again we have the same chat and the chat goes exactly how it did the last time. Then right as we're starting the next season, he complains again, we have the same chat and he drops it again. I'm just wondering, is this some sort of really weird bug or do I have to really go through this every bloody 3 months?
  11. My own. I've been using the same tactic since FM06 and it's never failed me before. It's worked even better in this year's FM though, I managed to score 140 league goals and only concede 16 league goals in a season once.
  12. So I just got a new 90000 seater stadium named after me for Arsenal and I was just wondering if it would ever be used as the venue for champs lge or europa lge finals.
  13. Question for the old timers

    Not too sure. But it'll probably only drop that much when FM13 or FM14 is out.
  14. I'm rotating my players pretty regularly but my players all suddenly getting jaded and in need of a rest. I have 3 players on holiday right now because of it. This happened just after I played about 2 games since 12.1.
  15. Obviously he's not first choice but the fact that he's still in the squad is stupid. And there are plenty of players who play his position; Rodwell, Muamba, Cattermole, Parker, Huddlestone..