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  1. I mean if we can import this tactic into FM Touch version and play with? 🙂
  2. where to play pjanic ? like cm(a) or dlp(s) ??? and what is the difernece betwen tactics ? normal and tw ?
  3. Mr. Hough one question: why hold position player instruction for full backs ???
  4. Yes, but only if they do different things. Consider the players movement, do they drift, roam, etc? so engache attack and 2x advanced forward will work ??
  5. Hello guys i have one question for you ! if i play 3-2-2-1-2 formation (3xdc; wbr; wbl; 2xcm; amc; 2xst) and amc is enganche attack can i have two strikers rols attack ???
  6. hey guys i have two question: what is the diference between run wide with ball and stay wider ?? and what means in team instructions run at defence ?
  7. i have one question will this partnership working: tm(a) and dlf(a) ?? i asking because i dont know how to set up my juve attack with tevez and lorente!!!
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