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  1. Thanks for this one Knap. One thing I'm struggling with though is the F9 forward. They are completely ineffectual for my side (Hitchin). I've tried 2-3 different strikers in this role, but none average more than 6.4 each game. Any tips as to what I might be doing wrong? Also, any ideas for closing a game out? I'm conceding lots of late goals.
  2. Knap - thanks for all the tactics posted above. Do you think the likes of Beowulf would be successful in the lower leagues? National League South/North level, with a side expected to fight bravely from relegation, or do you think these tactics only perform well with top, top sides like Liverpool, United, PSG etc?
  3. It seems that the large majority of the tactics discussed on here have been trialled with top-flights side who are expected to finish in the top five anyways. Read a thread earlier about a lad who had mastered a tactic as Real Madrid - well done lad! Has anyone found particular setups to be successful with lower league sides? Can you play any tactic at any level of the game, or like IRL, do you think that the more extravagant tactics are better suited to the better sides, whilst those of us in the Conference North/South should be sticking to 442? I'm about half-way through my season in th
  4. Ok... we're going for the Isle of Wight... Which town will be team be based in: - Newport - Freshwater - Cowes - Ryde Or should i just place Newport (IOW) into the Blue Square South...
  5. Yep, i'm in, and going to give this a go... Can't decide between the Isle of Wight / Isle of Man / Shetland Islands or Orkney Islands (the latter two to enter the Scottish 3rd division)... Any thoughts lads? Give me team name suggestions etc... and i'll get this whirling tonight!
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