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  1. Thanks for the help mlindqui43,but it didnt have any file with that name. Thanks for the help though.
  2. Guys I need your help erasing your manager from the hall of fame list. Everytime I start a new game with a different team and make it into the hall of fame,I see my previous manager there,any help with this? Thank you guys!!
  3. Once again I need your help guys,I fooled around with my editor,and now it wont read any .dbc files!!!! It only reads .xml files,I tried reinstalling football manager but I have the same prob. I tried changing my edited files to xml format but everytime theyre going to load an error occurs. Any help would be greatly appreciated guys.
  4. Sorry ssestig,it didnt work,I couldnt even find the file. Thanks for the help though. Now I have another prob,my editor wont read the .dbc file anymore,it only reads .xml files now.
  5. Hey guys,can anyone help me out with this? Every time I win a title I go into the Hall Of Fame for my country,problem is my name is in there with 2 other teams. Any way this can be fixed? Tried to fix it by using editor,but doesnt have anything about HoF. Thanks in Advance guys.