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  1. [FM11] Galatasaray - Only Turks and Veterans

    Nice will be following this also great idea with the videos
  2. PFC Litex Lovech Thread [FM11]

    congrats ronaldo your thread has really taken off I lost all my data on my save so I gave up on my thread also yurchenko incredible
  3. Most disappointing striker signing?

    for me they both got around 15 goals in the EPL each and only suarez reached 20 goals all comps .. and as I posted before I bought in podolski to get goals but he did worse than carroll Also from what I see on other saves Ai manager never plays carroll ..
  4. Most disappointing striker signing?

    dare I say Torres I signed podolski for my liveerpool side started 2 in 2 then got injured and got 1 goal in 23 appearances .. £11 mil down the drain ..
  5. am i that good?

    so I guess you are joke account god's gift to fm at least I hope for your sake ... otherwise I'm scared for what humanity has come to
  6. He's coming to my Lazio side in 2012 looks quality
  7. PFC Litex Lovech Thread [FM11]

    I've been looking for yurchenko on my Lazio save as he seems very consistent and a beast but sadly he's not on my game ..
  8. That would never happen IRL ... Zenit are the most racist team in the world, but still well done on getting rid of him
  9. Ronald Vargas FM11

    I might try and get him in my Ruzomberok save looks good for smaller European leagues
  10. looks useful but I never play him he's out on loan mostly
  11. PFC Litex Lovech Thread [FM11]

    Nice Thread i ever tried Bulgaria, seems like it's mainly CSKA and Litex even under ai that dominate
  12. First 2 seasons the only real challengers were Zilina And one of the players I suggested as a potential transfer target .. .although I haven't given him a chance to play a lot of games, he's been tutored and sent out on loan and the attributes look to be in the right places
  13. Brilliant thread mate might give them a go myself in a few weeks
  14. Ty mate I will post older screenshots tomorrow of an older save I have with MFk .. but right now I've started a new game