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  1. anyone got the list of the dates where the youth players get released into all the different countries? thanks
  2. Is there a way to just look at the youth intake for the year?
  3. I can get to the offer screen, where i see the wage and length and bonuses and stuff, but everything is greyed out. Its not because they're not interested.
  4. 100k wage left. any contract to anyone, bid accepted or not
  5. i am just about ot go into the second January trasfer wondow, and i cant seem to offer staff or coaches any contracts. Does anyone know why?
  6. his contract may have something to so with that? e.g. length, wage
  7. When i try to open it from steam, it comes up with the normal 'preparing to launch Football Manager 2012' message, then after about half a second, it says 'this game is currently unavailable, please try again later'. Does anyone know why this is happening?
  8. Is it just me, or is anyone else having trouble selling and loaning out players? And are there any ways that could make it easier?
  9. just wondering, do they get released to all the clubs at th same time, or do they do it nation by nation?
  10. anyone got any good ways to find the best regens?
  11. why was I (Arsenal) picked to play in this match? Just wondering, its not like im annoyed about it
  12. yeah im using a large database, but surely they would improve any side from low prem teams and below?
  13. im trying to send out some of my players on loan, but for some reason they are getting no interest at all. In the demo there was loads of interest, and im offering them for 0% wages. Im talking about the likes of Frimpong and Szcesney here, so surely someone must want them?
  14. im not sure of this, but cant you offer contracts to all players of 16 or under in Spain? And if you can, are the any other similar rules for other nations?