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  1. Turning Crewe into Barcelona

    Yea I just got promoted to the Championship in my second season. Won the league somehow. Had a regen come through at the end of the first season who's now my best player haha. Upgraded the training facilities after season, upgrading youth facilities after season two. I keep making a profit too because I haven't spent anything on transfers and wages are relatively low. Enjoying it a lot, probably my favourite FM14 save so far.
  2. Turning Crewe into Barcelona

    Thanks for replying mate. Haha yea I was looking for a long term save to have for the year probably. You've pretty much answered all my questions, in great detail as well. Cheers!
  3. I'm in the middle of a file where I manage Crewe and focus on youth development. It's going quite well, I'm still in League one after the first season and I'm just starting my second season. I've had a few questions/problems though that I was hoping you all would help with... 1) I'm trying to get my under 18s to be a possession oriented team (preparing them for how the first team plays). So for example I'm training the centre backs to be ball playing defenders. However, I'm not sure what team training to have them all on. I presume Ball Control is the most suitable but I'm not sure really. 2) I want my keeper to rush out like a sweeper keeper, but distribute to the defenders like a goalkeeper. I have the gk set to goalkeeper - defend role but I'm training them as sweeper keepers. I have no idea how to implement my ideas for keepers into their training and my tactics basically. 3) I'm attempting to mold my youth players into the philosophy I would like to play but I'm having a lot of trouble with PPMs. Does anyone have any advice on what PPMs each position should have (in a possession system) and how to get the players to learn them effectively. All help is appreciated, I've had this account for ages but haven't posted in years.
  4. FM13 What team should I be!

    Nation: Anywhere in the main european leagues apart from england Division: preferably bottom available division in the country European Competition: none Media Prediction: doesnt matter, im thinking long term Board Expectation(s): relegation/mid table Transfer Budget: doesnt matter Wage Budget: doesnt matter Finances: preferable little Other: I want to start from the bottom of a european league and put my own stamp on the team
  5. Bought Adler at the start of season two because I'd never bought him before. The man has become a revelation!
  6. I've seen Pato and Aguero move to Man City in separate files. Also saw Drogba move to Liverpool once.
  7. Was it the west/east side massive? ---------------------------------------------------- Gotta love my Under 18s thrashing everyone in the league and cup. I'm excited for the future
  8. Go to your team, then transfers, then scouting assignments.
  9. I think because of Ali G, Staines should have a big rep to be honest lol
  10. Big up the Staines massive. J'mappelle Ali G, J'habite a Staines lol. Real Madrid just bought David Bentley and Gabby Agbonlahor, operation Galactico is complete...
  11. Regen dubbed the NEXT

    With Man Utd I have a youth player who's dubbed the next Mick McCarthy. Needless to say I won't be approaching him when he retires to join my coaching staff.
  12. Marking

    Does it include set pieces and in open play? I seem to be conceding from set pieces more these days...
  13. Lol yea, young players that think they're too good to be loaned out do my head in...
  14. droughts, and streaks broken.

    Also, bogey teams are the worst. I'm man utd, and consistently get outclassed by west ham...