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  1. Success!! - Thanks so much guys. Really appreciate your help on his.
  2. Hi guys, Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place but i'm keen to start a Newcastle story but i keep incurring problems uploading images to the forum. I have been told that the image upload function on here does not work and when i have tried to upload via a third party site and use a URL link i keep getting told the URL link is invalid. I was wondering if someone could explain the easiest way to upload images - i'm not the most tech savvy so the simplest explanations would be hugely appreciated. Cheers.
  3. Hi Welshace - thanks for the advise yesterday. Still having problems with this - keep getting the message 'invalid URL' every time i go to post. Very annoying really. Tried with TinyPic, Imgur and Photobucket. Not entirely sure why. Any advice would be great appreciated.
  4. Hi guys - apologies, is anyone having issues uploading images? Started my Toon save yesterday and wanted to document my journey but having issues uploading. How do most on here go about it?
  5. A-MAZ-ING - thanks Welshace. I've just clinched the title first season for Valencia so the element of challenge has gone slightly. Might stick around for one more season but the temptation to take over my beloved Toon might be too great. Decisions, decisions. First order of business though for NUFC will be to give Carver, Stone and Woodman Das Boot! NUFC is always my legacy save - sole challenge is to create a dynasty at SJP. Will be interesting to see if there are any major changes to the team - a lot of people clambering for boosts to Aarons & Armstrong - think they were about right. Anyway, Howay the lads. Lets do this.
  6. I see the thread has gone very quiet, how are people's saves coming on, or is everyone waiting for the new patch?
  7. Many thanks for that Frazt - only reason i asked is ive just purchased a new MacBook Pro with 8gb RAM and the 128gb SSD - planning on keeping majority of files on an external hard drive but just wanted to make sure the game would still run fine. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Hi guys, apologies if I'm coming across as a little thick but I'm wondering how much hard drive space FM15 takes up once you have a couple of saves on the go? I know to install you need 3gb in hard drive space but I was wondering how much space a few saves, possibly 3/4 leagues on high database over 6/7 seasons might do? Any feedback much appreciated.
  9. Cheers ET - is there much difference between 4th and 3rd generation processes?
  10. Many thanks for that ET - your advice lately is coming in very much appreciated and I'm slowly starting to narrow down my options! These are the ones I've got in my sights: http://www.johnlewis.com/store/lenovo-z50-70-laptop-intel-core-i7-8gb-ram-1tb-8gb-sshd-15-6-/p1603672#tabinfo-ratings http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/59405975-Lenovo-Z510_1536146.html The first one processes (if that is the right term) at 2.0GHz and the second one goes a bit faster at 2.2GHz - would there be much difference between the two? I've read earlier in this forum that U processors should be avoided like the plague. Personally my FM use is never that intense. I maybe load 3/4 leagues max - my thing is always longevity in the save - 12 seasons plus. The faster processor seems aimed more so at series gamers. I'm just an FM man. The laptop I have in mind has a Intel Core i7-451
  11. Hi guys, quick question. On another thread a lot of people were discussing the importance of having a solid state drive to the running of FM and general long term laptop use. Is this the case? A lot of the specs I've been looking at don't have this included. It looks like it might be something to add separately. Is this easy enough to have done?
  12. Thanks for all the advice guys - i'll be honest i'm not very tech savvy but trying to pick up bits and bob's along the way. What are the advantages of an SSD?
  13. Thanks for the feedback guys - steve what is the spec for your Macbook? I'm looking at is 2011 edition with Intel Core i7 2.7GHz 64-bit Processor (with Turbo Boost up to 3.4GHz) 8gb of ram and the 128gb SSD. Like i said earlier in thread my reasons for want to change is to future proof. Streaming a lot of football i go on a few questionable sites which overtime impact the performance of my previous laptops. When trying to play FM14 on my last machine, it went at a snails pace and in the end of through in the towel and went back to FM13 which worked fine. I want something that basically keeps a solid level of performance for 4-5years that allows me to play FM and do my other activities. Again, thanks all the advice - much appreciated.
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