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  1. Has anyone else had problems with players giving away penalties? I have had one player give away 6 pens in 5 games through needless fouls in the box. Is this something that anyone else has found or just extraordinary bad luck?
  2. And therein lies the beauty of the game. Spain may win the most but doesn't stop them from not even qualifying!
  3. This. The whole 'waah the game is against me' really annoys me. Sometimes, in fact quite often, this s*** happens. I love the idea that some people think setting their tactic to Contain will kill all of the opposition's desire to score.
  4. I would suggest his low-ish composure probably isn't helping. I have a similar player on my hands right now. Looks absolutely lethal but he couldn't hit a barn door...
  5. Ajax 39 Barcelona 38 Sporting 37 Man Utd 37 Southampton 37 Bayern 36 Lyon 36 River 36 Chelsea 36 Everton 36 Real Madrid 36 Arsenal 35 Tottenham 34 Danubio 33 Inter 33 Dortmund 31 Man City 31 West Ham 31 Athletic 30 Atlanta 30 So, of the top 20 clubs in the world at producing talent, supposedly, 8 of them are English. And this is a *massive* problem. Firstly, this doesn't mean that all the players coming out of these academies are English - this is a list of the best places for young players to learn their trade. Secondly, with the amount of money PL clubs throw into their youth systems and more importantly, facilities, is this actually unrealistic? Many of the players coming out of these clubs are top, top players - doesn't mean they're English. Also - this is a list of selected teams and PL and La Liga. Is there a more comprehensive list - are there any other clubs with a rating of 30 or over missing from this list?
  6. Just remembered this article that I'd been thinking of as soon as I saw this thread. FMScout did 200 run throughs of the world cup. England won 8% of the time. Is this overpowered? Perhaps, but there were quite a few surprise results. I really don't think there's anything wrong with the game on this evidence. http://www.fmscout.com/a-can-fm14-predict-the-wc2014.html
  7. Sold a regen I picked up for a few mil from Argentina on to Spurs for I think £73mil after he was prem top scorer for my Brighton side in 2022.
  8. Yes it is. And that's exactly with FM delivers. Stories. Not real life. Otherwise why not just program in that only City or Chelsea will win the PL in the first season. Your entire argument seems to be based on the fact that you don't like the England national team. I read a similar article from some guy who was an Arsenal fan and got all upset that Spurs finished top of the league and how 'overpowered' they were. The game tries to reflect real life but if there were no room for maneouver then it would cease to be entertaining because if you started as a small team you'd never win anything. Seriously get over yourself, despite your holier than thou attitude you don't represent a majority of the people who play the game.
  9. Okay, fine. Let's imagine it's 2009 and look at Spain's WC track record over the same period: 1962: Group Stage 1966: Group Stage 1970: DNQ 1974: DNQ 1978: Group Stage 1982: 2nd Group Stage 1986: QF 1990: Last 16 1994: QF 1998: Group Stage 2002: QF 2006: Last 16 We know now that they went on to win in 2010 with a very talented squad, but they had always been considered bottlers and underachievers before this. Should SI have programmed that in? No, of course not - they won the previous Euros. WC records in earlier years are no real indiction of how a team will fare.
  10. I still personally don't see England winning the WC as some hugely unlikely occurrance. A fit England side on it's day could beat any team - this is tournament football, you have to have luck on your side - a key ingredient in real life that all of you seem to be missing - when Spain won the WC in 2010 they were clearly one of the better sides, but every win was a 1-0 and it would've taken a single fluke to have knocked them out in some of their games. FM is a simulation, when England won the WC in your game did other sides have key players injured? Did England have a fairly easy route to the final? So many questions that it is completely unfair to change the whole system (Which, IMO, isn't broken - but with the number of people who play this game is always going to throw up freak occurrances and results) based on a few people moaning that England won the WC. Get over it.
  11. This is a truly awful idea - and ManagerFootball appears to be king of the Straw Man argument. International Football isn't badly represented in FM - England winning a world cup might seem a little far-fetched but it really is only a little. Tournament football always has its surprises.
  12. I may be wrong, but is this possibly because you're an Icelandic club and therefore only have a limited range with which to recruit from anyway?
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