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  1. Leezoid

    MLS Salary Cap

    Academy apprentices, GA don't count in salary cap. Senior entry level count on cap but not in senior player limit. Can't remember if dev players alter cap.
  2. Leezoid

    FM13 Staff - Media pundit

    Someone just offered my 'soccer expert' a job as scout, how did they find him because I can't?
  3. FM07 is the only one since CM01-02 that i've played 10+ Seasons
  4. Leezoid


    The beta runs like a dream on mine
  5. Leezoid

    Local man, will work for food.

    Media prediction: 22nd Board expectations: Battle relegation Wage budget: 12k p/a First order of business was to appoint captain and vice captain, Anton Agdomar (CB) and Dan Pett (LB) respectively. Then sacked the hopeless backroom staff and brought my own team in, including a nice chap called Daniel Murphy as my Assistant Manager. Notable Signings (all free transfers, all non-contract appearance fees only): Dom Bates (DC), John Carroll (ST), Joe O'Brien (RM) - Mostly because I used to know the guy IRL, Sam Lovatt (ST) Notable departures: None, all rubbish. Results: Cups FA Cup: 4th Qualifying Round (equalling all time best) v Evesham FA Trophy: 2nd Qualifying round v Arlesey Isthmian league cup: Semi final v Bognor Regis Herts FA Cup: Quarter final v Berkhampstead League Ryman Isthmian North Div 1: 2nd! (Qualified for play-offs) - Was top at half-time during the last game Playoffs: Semi final v Grays.
  6. FM Version 12.2.2 Custom DB (Using Uncle Ron's level 8 DB) Leagues Loaded England (Regional 1st Divs and Above), Wales (Prem Only), U.S.A (USL Pro and above) Potters Bar Town FC From Wikipedia: Potters Bar Town F.C. is a football club based in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, England. They were formed in 1960 as Mount Grace Old Scholars, and, after dropping 'Old Scholars' from the name in 1984, changed to their present name in 1991. Their best performance in the FA Cup was in the 2006–07 season when they reached the 4th (and final) Qualifying Round. They currently play in theIsthmian League First Division North. When Potters Bar built their turnstile block, to join the Southern League in 2005, their turnstiles came from the old Wembley Stadium and they possess a certificate from Wembley to prove it. Club information in FM: Nation: England Year founded: 1960 Status:Semi-Pro Reputation: Obscure Nickname: The Scholars Chairman Status: Loves the club Legends: None Icons: None Fav Personnel: None Rivals: None Finances: Ok Average ticket price: £4.20 Average season ticket price: £52.00 Season ticket holders: 12 Estimated value: £40k Continental competition: None (!) Media prediction: 22nd Squad personality: Ambitious Facilities: According to FM, 2000 capacity.... Basic training facilities Minimal youth facilities Basic junior coaching Limited youth recruitment. Contract: Month to month at £0 p/w So why oh why have I taken this on?: ​Simple, it's my home town!
  7. Leezoid


    I can. Like a rock.
  8. Leezoid

    Director Cam

    I usually find this happens when playing in really small (<5000 capacity) stadiums.
  9. Well if this season continues like this I shall hopefully find out, i'll report back. Let's hope so for FM13
  10. Forgive me if this has been asked already, but is ground grading in the game/database? I'm 3 seasons in at Potters Bar and having been promoted from the Isthmian South, i'm hoping to go up from the Isthmian Premier to the Conference south, but I can't increase the capacity past 2000 and the official requirements IRL are 3000. I really don't want to have to resort to... (whispers)... a save game editor.
  11. Leezoid

    FM2012 and Mountain Lion

    FYI Mine is working fine.
  12. Leezoid

    The Simpsons Thread.