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  1. Is it cheating.........

    Yh same old story see these threads on a regular basis.
  2. Backpasses to goalkeepers

    When i saw this thread thought it was about Stevie "can't pass" Gerrard.
  3. Is it cheating.........

    Whys that??????
  4. Is it cheating.........

    So you hardly ever play more than a season? You must be mental i think the game is even better when you get 5-6 years into it.
  5. What team could you simply never manage?

    We belittle fans of smaller clubs ha! wat a joke that is.
  6. Not 09 and thats a fact................the processing speed especially in the internatonal break was annoying imo.This years FM i think is a massive improvement on last years.
  7. Glad it worked for you mate, thats what i would usually do and it works more often than not.
  8. I'd risk it and play my 2nd team against Spurs and save the key players for the massive test against Madrid. How many points are you off the top side in the league???
  9. How to make game exciting again

    I wouldn't think holidayig for me would make a difference, though i never get bored of FM coz theres tons of clubs out there to be.
  10. It happened to me in my current save with spurs i won 3 PL's in a row and a CL then all of a sudden my team wasn't performing.This was like this for 2 yrs now were back to are best and lookin faves for the PL again. I put it down to a transition period as my regens were just becoming top class players.
  11. new idea for transfers in fm2011

    Yep defo think they should include this next year.
  12. or u can untick it but u would have to start a new game.
  13. Valencia - begining 3rd season.

    Thats why i never pay over months, would rather know what i have and haven't got.
  14. Achievements still flawed?

    Its happened to me a few times but in hall of fame. I won the CL with arsenal and it didn't go onto my honours list
  15. Why can't I terminate a loan?

    Your Scunny United!!!!!!! first time i've ever seen anyone on this forum say there managing my home town club. You have a big challenge ahead my freind......