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    Javier Hernandez is the worst professional footballer in the PL

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  1. I hope Vermaelen doesn't play on Saturday. Been poor for majority of the season. Being captain sucked the life out of him
  2. Haven't bought FM. Sounds like a good job so far. I'll wait till Christmas to buy it
  3. I stand by that. Per has been one of the best centre backs in the prem
  4. Does anyone remember how I said Mertesacker was better than Terry before I got banned, and you all called me deluded? I believe I have proved you wrong
  5. twitter ********. I saw that and looked on their website nothing about it on there
  6. At first I was like: Yay new defender Then a voice spoke inside my head: 'We have too many defenders at the club. Vermaelan, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Miquel, Squillaci. Jenkinson can also play there, as well as Song. So overall quantity wise we are not short at the back at all'
  7. I copied and pasted off www.ja606.co.uk which is forum but there is a user called John who posts all these news like the M'Villa one for example
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