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    Javier Hernandez is the worst professional footballer in the PL

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  1. I hope Vermaelen doesn't play on Saturday. Been poor for majority of the season. Being captain sucked the life out of him
  2. Haven't bought FM. Sounds like a good job so far. I'll wait till Christmas to buy it
  3. I stand by that. Per has been one of the best centre backs in the prem
  4. Does anyone remember how I said Mertesacker was better than Terry before I got banned, and you all called me deluded? I believe I have proved you wrong
  5. On FM2011 Tns got a tycoon, which was fun. Scunthorpe have got one in my Arsenal save
  6. How do people get their Anchor men to tackle more? I got Yann M'Villa but he doesn't seem to tackle much so his ratings aren't good. So how do I do it? EDT: RG I had a similar tactic to that on FM10. Can you upload it please cause I want to see it how functions, and if it can help my Doumbia:thup:
  7. I want to go as a sugar daddy team so: Anzhi, PSG or Malaga?
  8. Could be anything from 2-5 Llew so really tight best of luck.
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