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  1. I'm going to attempt this. As I seem rather insane I went with Stourbridge who have 1 player under contract and about a tenner in the bank.
  2. Custom built (mainly for streaming/unexpected financial windfall) CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1800x CPU Frequency: 3.6GHz OC'd to 4.1GHz RAM: 16GB DDR4 3000MHz OS: Win 10 64-bit Storage: HDD Test A Time: 5 min 12 sec Test B Time: 9 min 13 sec
  3. @Kaiserwatman - Good idea on bringing legend Piplica in. Hope you can get him to sign. @smp20 - Looking good so far, hopefully you can start to dominate the league so you can focus on Europe.
  4. FC Sakhalin Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Russian Football National League 2018-19 Transfers|League Table|Season Review League Sometimes it's easy to tell the kind of season it will be by the opening match. For 45 minutes against newly-promoted Chernomorets, we were unstoppable as we went into the break 4-0 up. In a 10 minute spell in the second half, we looked like a pub team and the match finished 4-4. The league campaign in the second season was already going to be rough, but I was hit by a rash of retirements almost exclusively in the centre half position. While we were tabb
  5. FC Sakhalin Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Russian Football National League 2017-18 Transfers (just the pre-arranged 2 before I arrived)|League Table|Season Review League The league proved to be quite an interesting experience since seemingly everyone could be anyone on the day (well except Saturn and Sokol) . Our initial target for survival was 42 points as that's all it took to stay up in the 16-17 season, but Arsenal Tula suffered their 2nd consecutive relegation with 45 points. As for our campaign, at times we were as high as 6th after 12 matches and 20 points, then proceeded
  6. @Braumiller @Sanno11 Updated my post since I just took the defaults before . Fortunately I saved before I added myself the first time so that was literally all I had to change and I was only 2 matches into the season.
  7. I managed to get FC Sakhalin Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in my first attempt in Russia (refresh date is June 20th), which I believe is the farthest eastern team I could think of as it's only 190km from Hokkaido in Japan. This is my manager, 1st team, Under 21s and Under 19s. The rules of the Russian National League dictate a fee for registering a foreign player, of which I have inherited exactly zero. The only really strange rule is that it's 4 subs from 7 named instead of 3, and I need to finish 15th to avoid relegation. And just to be clear, the previous manager decided to sign some players
  8. I guess I'm looking at what would happen to European competitions, quality of regens in lower quality leagues, the types of players willing to sign for smaller league champions after a year. Basically just a whole bunch of stuff.
  9. I'm currently holidaying through 1 year of a game where I loaded every European top division in the game (plus all divisions in England, Germany and France). I've edited all top division league reps to 20, descending down by 1 for each division, and domestic cups are worth 20 as well. I'm not to sure of whether I should make a thread for this experiment or not.
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