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  1. hey guys, i just signed pato , so what position do you guys play him? currently having him on complete forward up front with sergio aguero playing trequista
  2. hey guys, i am currently looking for a right midfielder to sign i currently have 77 million budget to spend is there any right midfielder you can recommend? trying to sign alexis sanchez from real madrid but real is asking for crazy price in the form of 68 million is there any other cheaper alternative?
  3. hey guy, i just got a good striker in edison caveni from palermo what position shall i play him that suits him? currently playing him as a advanced striker and his form has been allright for me 2 goals in 4 app for a new striker into the squad is good:thup: in my previous save, he has joined real madrid and won the football player of the year award 3 years in the row.
  4. in my man utd squad, my keeper ben foster ( deputising for the injured hugo lloris out for 1 month) grabs the ball, the opposition striker is no where near enough, and the next thing, ben foster lets the ball run away from him, letting the opposition striker to nick the ball off and score a simple goal =( why is it happening?
  5. hey guys, i just completed the signing of edison cavini from palermo what is the best position to play him? i had a great start into season 3 won 2-1 against man city and 4-1 against fulham
  6. from the forum, it seems that i should not make a bid for sergio aguero but it's tempting haha oh i nearly forgotten about diouf in my reserves haha i got some few gems in my team but my best youngster would be fabio who is now worth 19 million in my team he has won youth player of the year award twice beating my other youth player nicolas lodeiro the only department which i think i need to strengthen would be my goalkeeper currently have VDS who is retiring at the end of 2012, ben foster, Areola should i bid for LLORIS or rene adler ?
  7. i was wondering is it worth it to sign sergio aguero? he has been hitting the goals in A. Madrid and he has become a world class striker i need a strong Attacking midfielder to tutor my youngster nicolas lodeiro aguero is currently worth 43 million in my save with a 86 million release clause should i go for it? i currently have rooney, dzeko, cardozo ( a bargain at 5 mil), mecheda, welbeck my transfer budget is : 120 million:thup: or is there any other better option?
  8. mine was 6-1 against chelsea playing as man utd 2nd would be a 4-0 mauling of chelsea again with man utd in champions league Q finals:thup:
  9. man utd 3 - celtic 1 8-2 on aggregrate champions league 1st knockout stage
  10. hey guys, just wonder how do you play oscar cordozo, mecheda and welbeck?
  11. edin dzeko - 56 in 49 app(3 sub) in 2010/2011 wayne rooney - 48 in 53 apps in 2010/2011 worth the 30 mil i sign for dzeko
  12. i am just wondering, i just completed the signing of oscar cordozo from porto for 5 mil he requested transfer due to the club letting of 1 of their promising players what position suits him best? i played him as a targetman alongside rooney but so far only got 1 goal from 5 matches having dzeko to rotate with cordozo and dezko has been brillant for me 5 goals in 5 and how should i play mecheda and welbeck?
  13. hey guys, i just finish off my 2nd season in charged of man utd : won the league, champions league and FA currently have 68 million transfer budget but will soon be added after the season review arrives since the start of 2009, i brought in : de rossi( world class midfielder) - 45 million (worth every penny:thup:) dzeko (striker) - 30 million ( GOAL machine) otomendi (defender) - 5.6 million( ferdinand's replacement) nicolas lodeiro (wonderkid) - 7 million ( just perfect, 1st season grabbed 14 goals for me) juan manuel vargas - 12 million including stunners from long range haha sold : darron gibson - 13.25 million and a bunch of reserves season 2010 : brought in : james vaughan (striker )- 10 million rafinha (right back ) - 16 million sold : berbatov (striker) - 22 million to barcelona current teams wonder kids: nicolas lodeiro fabio fedrico mecheda the other players in my main team are : VDS- GK rafael - RB Ferdinand -CB Vidic - CB Evra - LB Nani - ML AMR - Valencia MC - carrick MC - Fletcher CF - Rooney CF- welbeck the old hands are set to retire soon so just asking is my team good enough to challenge for season 3 or shall i add in more signings? i am thinking of getting a new CM. any suggestions? and also a GK thanks=] man utd rocks
  14. FM10 : Official Should I Buy/Sell Thread

    Buying/Selling:Buying Player Name: David Villa, 29 Your Team:Man Utd Buyer/Seller: Valencia Player's Value: 35 million Offer: 23 million up front, 20 million over 48 months Transfer/Wage Budget: 67 million Patch:10.1 Season: season 3( jan transfer window) currently am looking for a striker i have sold off berbatov after he is unhappy due to not being in the first team currently have rooney and dezko playing up front and banging in the goals mecheda and welbeck on loan and a regen striker coming up the ranks in my youth team(similar player to rooney)
  15. The Gruesome Two-some!

    mine would be Dzeko- Rooney dezko as a target man and rooney the advanced forward dezko has scored 54 goals in 58 app rooney has scored 48 in 52 app i am LOVVINGG it haha