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  1. Are there any player requirements for this tactic?
  2. I will be releasing this tactic tomorrow so no more "Can you release it tonight" requests please because it's annoying. Thats what Mr Hough said i know its hard but deal with it like everyone else
  3. Tactic still working Mr Hough and are there any screenshots?
  4. have you tried what you did in the complete dominance tactic 1 cm and 1 dm?
  5. You say results were pretty good, There phenomenal i will also give it a try.
  6. So you play a striker in a central midfielders role?
  7. What one is the unbeaten classic. it isn't the original classic is it?
  8. can't you do a quick 10 matches in a foreign league?
  9. why don't you test it with a championship club or smaller
  10. will you be creating new player filters for the new tactic, hope so
  11. am i the only person who still uses the very first classic version because i still think its the best of the lot
  12. does the new tactic work for lower league teams cos i was cardiff and i lost 5-1 at home to scunthorpe but was real madrid and destroyed every team in my way
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