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  1. It is the closest tactic to your 10.3 Classic, definitely.
  2. Great tactic as usual, Mr Hough. Will you be putting up player filters like you normally do?
  3. http://www.mediafire.com/?160805y6mb1t9in Gee_Simposon and Cragswfc came up with this idea. All the key attributes are listed in these filters, you just need to import them into the search filter. (Filters --> Manage Filters --> Import --> *Location of where you saved the files*) It's all in the opening post. You should read it sometime .
  4. I'd like to know this too, on the standard tactic +3, Defensive line 7 clicks and Width 13 clicks.
  5. Are there any player requirements for this tactic?
  6. What are the best player attributes for this tactic. Sorry if this has been asked, thanks.
  7. I will be releasing this tactic tomorrow so no more "Can you release it tonight" requests please because it's annoying. Thats what Mr Hough said i know its hard but deal with it like everyone else
  8. Tactic still working Mr Hough and are there any screenshots?
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