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  1. Had a number of centre backs/wing backs contribute towards goals more often recently. However I have noticed you can't currently praise them for scoring goals an d can only praise them for good defending/passing after a game. Believe praising them for chances created/finishing could be useful. Cheers
  2. I'll keep my eye on it until end of this season. Had nothing with them historically and we don't pay any fees to them so I don't class them as an affiliate at the mo.
  3. Thanks very much. It's something I'm hoping to get sorted for full release.
  4. Thanks for your help with those. I'd probably agree with some of those and I'll forward them onto the head researcher for his thoughts. Adama was someone I was considering to improve, he wasn't improved massively this summer due to his poor(ish) season last year. They'll get checked. Thanks
  5. Hi mate. Despite the club still playing at New Bucks Head, I know the club haven’t really entertained being an affiliate club to Telford in regards to loaning players out. I’ll look into a bit more though but I’m pretty sure there is no really affiliation anymore.
  6. Just had a look and compared to two goalkeepers. Personally, I don't think there's much to change with Rui. Attributes are all where I'd want them to be IMO. Compared RP to the rest of the Premier League goalkeepers too and that's where I think they should be. I'm going to be keeping Rui as he is.
  7. Which Portuguese GK is better in FM? I'm happy to have a look though.
  8. Thanks for this information. Ryan Jarvis - Few pages still suggest he's at the club however not played for over a year so assume this is correct. I'll get him removed. Callum Thompson, Estrada & Parker - Thanks, will get this amended. Lopes - Thanks for this, bit strange as I knew he was signed as attacking midfielder type. He has been played LWB this season though so will get that sorted. Wan - Thanks Contracts - I'll get sorted thanks Watt - I'll check on this one as he signed as he was turning pro so unsure if this will be added but will check.
  9. is it to do with wages? like when you sign a "youth contract" - unsure at which age a player starts earning money
  10. I changed the kit colours but when I asked about text colours, I couldnt change them personally.
  11. I think that is what I am going to do, it will take a long time haha! :-)
  12. I'm interested in creating a database where transfer windows don't exist. I am wondering if: 1. There is already a database created.. (haven't seen one)? 2. Is there a quick way to remove them all? 3. If not, how to do it.. It may take me a few hours, but I don't mind. Regards in advance
  13. With players you can set future transfers so they cannot move clubs or set a future retirement. With managers (I think) you are unable to do this. Is there and alternative to making a manager unsackable?
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