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  1. is it to do with wages? like when you sign a "youth contract" - unsure at which age a player starts earning money
  2. Thanks for the reply Ben. Files uploaded - Dave Azzopardi - Wolves YAC 11.fm - Old file Dave Azzopardi - Wolves YAC 112.fm - Mid-preseason
  3. Hi there, I'm managing Wolves and Leander Dendoncker's loan move turn permanent at the end of the first season. For some reason, in pre-season he is "unavailable" for all of the friendly matches, no reason why. Only change I have made is that I put an embargo on at the start of the save so I didn't make any transfers but because this was pre-arranged I didn't think I'd have an issues. I just don't want to start a league season with him still being unavailable.
  4. I've not messed with Raul much at all as I haven't seen enough to judge. In January he may get a change but most attributes would be set by the Benfica side.
  5. Cheers for those Erick. Agree with most if not all of them. At the next opportunity to include them in the game, I will do.
  6. I changed the kit colours but when I asked about text colours, I couldnt change them personally.
  7. I think that is what I am going to do, it will take a long time haha! :-)
  8. I'm interested in creating a database where transfer windows don't exist. I am wondering if: 1. There is already a database created.. (haven't seen one)? 2. Is there a quick way to remove them all? 3. If not, how to do it.. It may take me a few hours, but I don't mind. Regards in advance
  9. With players you can set future transfers so they cannot move clubs or set a future retirement. With managers (I think) you are unable to do this. Is there and alternative to making a manager unsackable?
  10. This is only an introduction to the series but I hope you all enjoy it. Please leave me some feedback on how I should structure the series, baring in mind it will be a long career. All feedback appreciated, thanks. I have made a slight twist on an old challenge I know of called the "San Marino Challenge," and have converted it back to my own roots and name it the "Maltese Challenge." I have taken a club from Malta's bottom playing division and also taken on the national team role and hope to build them both up to a respectable standard. Obviously, the aim is to get them to be the best in the world and of course that is an aim but it will take years and decades to do so. So stick with me, but I am sure we can do it. Episode 1: Episode 2: BI8AUPWXY5cLCDu1A Episode 3: BI8AUPWXY5cLCDu1A
  11. Again, sorry for late reply. Yes, but I have deleted them reinstalled a number of times but just doesnt seem to work.
  12. Sorry for very late/slow response. I followed the following steps but still no luck with logos. Any other help?
  13. ​Hi guys, hope someone can help. I have had a logo pack since the launch of FM15 and its worked great until recently. I even deleted the current pack I had at the time and even the FM default nation logos dont appear. I have recently downloaded a new logo pack and the club logos show up but still no nation logos or competition logos. Any help appreciated.
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