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  1. I'd recommend putting this somewhere on the match engine forums mate.
  2. Thanks. Sellars position has been updated. McCarthy is on the db as favoured personnel already, I will up his rating a bit, same with Jackett. Things turned very sour with Karl Henry though so I'd probably argue that he shouldn't be on there. I'll put the other 3 on too. Thanks
  3. Hi guys, had a little play around with some of the files to change the trophy presentation backdrop but had no joy. Assume it's the files in the simatchviewer-pc > mesh > cut_scenes > textures folder but can anybody help with which ones need to be edited? Any help much appreciated.
  4. Also seen these flagged up a number of times in the France League Specific issues. From Ligue 1 down too.
  5. On the team line up pop up graphic before the games, only 5 results shown under the title 'last 6 results' Cheers
  6. Not too sure where to put this one as he is a free agent so apologies if there is a better place to post. Former Bristol City player George Dowling (29158242) is in game as a free agent but he was jailed earlier this year for 28 months. Assume he needs a 'ban' adding for the duration of his sentence?
  7. Hey mate. His CA is probably around that level. His PA is fairly high. A couple of his attributes are random at the mo such as determination so that can vary save to save. Will obviously be keeping an eye on him between now and January.
  8. All of those international caps have been made since the start of the season so won't be included. I'll see what we can do on him being selected for the national team.
  9. As many ARs will tell you, it's extremely difficult to balance players in game with high pace/acceleration. Saying that though, most areas of Adama's game are still poor IRL. His mentals really aren't good and it reflects that well in game.
  10. Had a number of centre backs/wing backs contribute towards goals more often recently. However I have noticed you can't currently praise them for scoring goals an d can only praise them for good defending/passing after a game. Believe praising them for chances created/finishing could be useful. Cheers
  11. is it to do with wages? like when you sign a "youth contract" - unsure at which age a player starts earning money
  12. I changed the kit colours but when I asked about text colours, I couldnt change them personally.
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