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  1. Nostalgia.

    I don't always drink, but when I do... I play Football Manager. The wife and kid are in Las Vegas visiting family for a few days, so I took it upon myself to buy eight bottles of Guinness and a bottle of Famous Grouse. We had a really bad storm here last night, about two feet of snow overnight, so I cleaned the fireplace and built a good fire in it, dimmed the lights, blew the dust off my old Stone Roses albums and gave them a spin, and loaded up my favorite save from FM11. Ahh... What a team we had back then, when we won the Europa League in 2017... Kadlec / Kagawa McGeady / Busquets McCarthy Defour / Bale Clark Bamba Coleman / Szczesny... Anyone else have an old favorite starting XI they'd like to share? Stay thirsty my friends.
  2. Lucky you. I keep asking and asking for a new feeder club, so I have more options on where to send players on loan, but the board keeps telling me they've been unable to find anything.... then, at the beginning of my 2nd season, they announce that we're now a feeder club for Chelsea! Lucky me........
  3. English level 10 players

    Honestly, just sign anyone with a high stamina rating... That is what will win you the next 4 league titles. Then, you start worrying about who can actually kick a ball. Good luck.
  4. Here is my update. I am in my 2nd season as Celtic. In my first season, we lost to Dundee United in the League Cup, but secured the double, beating Rangers to the title by three points after some end of season heroics by Giorgos Samaras and Paddy McCourt. My formation, and team, looks much different from everyone else's on here. I am running a 433, which consists of a straight back four (full backs in regular position but set to attack, with 3 center mids set as att/defend/box to box, and the wingers pushed all the way up the field to support a single target man in the centre). I rotate the squad regularly and the only two guaranteed starters in my first XI are Samaras and Hradecky. I have never had a player complain about not getting enough time (outside of Zaluska, but that's a given). Here is my depth chart (3 weeks into my 2nd season, so I have just finished some summer transfer activity and cannot vouch for a few new players): LF - Robert Snodgrass / Paddy McCourt CF - Giorgos Samaras / Victor Anichebe / Simon Church RF - James Forrest / Anthony Stokes / Paul McGowan CM (Att) - Joe Ledley / Kilian Overmeire CM (Def) - Beram Kayal / Victor Wanyama CM (Box to Box) - Erik Falkenburg / Kevin McDonald LB - Emilio Izaguirre / George Elokobi CB - Vegard Forren / Paul Hanlon CB - Souleymane Bamba / Thomas Rogne RB - Adam Matthews / Keith Watson GK - Lukas Hradecky / Lukasz Zaluska I just sold Brown, Mulgrew, Ki and Hooper, amongst a host of others, to fund the captures of McDonald (great long range shot), Falkenburg (had hopes of him being a box-to-box but has failed to impress so far) and Sol Bamba. Giorgos, as a target man set to attack, is IMMENSE for me. I am surprised that everyone else has moved him on, as he's very easy to get great results out of. Last season, he scored 38 league goals in 35 appearances, named player of the year, won the golden boot, became a fan fav. As a just reward, I have him on 35k/week now. In all competitions last season, he made 54 appearances and scored 50 goals. So far, we've played a few CL games this season and 2 league games, and he has scored 5 in 5. Lukas Hradecky is a 21 year old gem that I found. I usually buy Rune Almenning Jarstein, but wanted someone younger (I really want to have a player get around 500 appearances for Celtic under me). His potential is only 3.5 stars and he's already at 3 in my game, so I don't think he'll get too much better, but I have him operating as a sweeper keeper (in supporting role) and aside from the odd error, he's pretty stable. In his first game for the club, last season, he saved TWO penalties against Shevchenko, as well as saving 3 penalties in the quarter final shootout with A. Madrid (before Kilian Overmeire missed). All of my wingers have been trained to play both AML and AMR, allowing them to swap easily. Victor Anichebe has been successfully trained in both and has been a massive utility signing for me. I just picked up Paul McGowan (honestly, to help fulfill my HG quota) and he's actually looking a tidy bit of business, and will probably push Stokes out of his adapted AMR role as McGowan's stats are more winger-suited than Anthony's are (unfortunately, as so far Stokes has been a model professional for me). I am now focusing on raiding clubs throughout the world for potential future superstars. Brazil and Germany were my latest victims... My youth squad looks very good and I shouldn't have to bring in too many players in the future. Does anyone have advice for developing these players? I try to maintain a strict 25-man first team squad, so blooding youngsters is hard for me to do sometimes (with my rotation policy as well, as I try to make sure every player in my first team squad gets at least 15 starts per season)... Do I loan them out, let them rot in the reserves and hope to get a few sub appearances here or there, or instantly slot them into first team and replace older players? This is my dilemma. Also, I want to move Rogne on, possibly. Has anyone signed Ciaran clark? I have my eye on him, his stats are great and he'd make an excellent ball-playing defender (Forren/Clark possibly the future -- sorry Bamba). I am afraid I might be priced out of a move, though. Aside from Clark, has anyone else re-signed Aiden McGeady, or tried to capture James McCarthy? I bid for McCarthy, but Wigan came back demanding 13m with a sell on percentage clause of 25%. That's madness. Ideas?
  5. What on earth are you complaining about? Doesn't even make sense. It's not good or bad as the post above says. Some managers don't care if the opposition knows what they are going to do so long as their team can go out and do it (Allardyce for instance), while others like to keep the opponent guessing.
  6. Sorry, one more screenshot request, can anyone show me James Forrest, preferably early on in the game? Cheers!
  7. Yeah, but there was Dylan McGeouch as well who moved back and forth. Some people just want to play (such as Snodgrass turning down bigger clubs when he was younger so he could get first team football and Wotherspoon moving from our ranks over to Hibees to get a spot). But Rangers' back four right now looks pretty solid -- it's us who could use a good defender. Maybe O'Dea and Hooiveld will play well for us next year.
  8. With all this recent talk of Jordan Ibe, I thought it would be very interesting to try and assemble a team of youngsters with big reputations that have gone to larger clubs (like Fabian Delph did), but those more recently.. Can you point any out? I am thinking: Dale Jennings Ross Barkley Jordan Ibe Nathan Redmond Lewis Dunk James Forrest Who from the past, say, 2 seasons am I missing? Either youngsters who are being scouted openly by top clubs or youngsters that have moved to top clubs (like Danny Wilson to Liverpool or Dale Jennings to Bayern Munich). Cheers.
  9. Cheers slipknot67. It looks like he still has that magic touch, though. Thanks.
  10. He was raised in a Celtic supporting family though and opted for # 67...
  11. Would anyone be so kind as to post a screen shot of Paddy McCourt please? I haven't got the game just yet but am already drawing up team sheets and am itching to see his stats. Thanks in advance!
  12. FM12 : Fulham FC Thread - Just Beat It

    Best thread title there is. Well done.
  13. FM 12 - Liverpool in Debt?

    It was just last February when O'Hara was considering playing for the Republic as well. I still think he could one day unless Fabio goes and messes that up.
  14. Google sigames

    It's also really unfair that I need to use the Internet in order to look at SI Games' updates and message boards.