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  1. A german regen, Robert Geiger.. fast as hell, scored even more, in fm12..
  2. Nurnberg (in Germany), my Dortmund side is better in every possible way though, in six matches results are - 4 lost 1 drawn and 1 won only after they got red-carded in first 15minutes, scraped the game 1-0 with a goal in added time.
  3. Not exactly funny, but what are the odds to have this name and be born in Manchester? (to all Joy Division fans out there ) Sadly it wasn't Man city
  4. Matthias Zimmermann for dortmund side, for 14.25 million € in the seventh season
  5. just arranged a transfer for this bald kid... What do You think, what should i aim to improve when he comes, though 2 and a half more years later?
  6. Had one on fm2011, The last day of the season Tied with PSV at the top (I'm Ajax), they lead on goal diffrence by 1, won theyre game 1-0, i won 2-0 http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/45/eredivisieinformationstu.png
  7. What's you past time experience? with International footballer experience it's easy to get any international job.
  8. Just finished my first season, Won Super Cup, La Liga and Spanish Cup... Yet 8 El Clásico's in one year is a bit too much
  9. Will definatly get Arsenal game up, when get my fm copy... And about Gervinho, in the demo i played him as "cutting in" Winger with attack duty too, been great scored 4 in 7 before getting he's leg broken...
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