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  1. Keep going claassen! If u need some help i´m avaiable. I´ve made some transfers updates in the past. Your updates are the best thing in this game! Thank you!
  2. I have an issue with bolivian 1st division. It only works with 2017 starting. Runned it on vacation for 1 year and the 2018 season started normally. If we start at 2018 (with brazil league, for example), only the 2nd tier works. Only the bolivia file loaded. Anybody else noted this issue?
  3. I also think Argentina has better youngsters in overall. The league is a little confusing for an european, but the brazilian ones also are, with the state championships. IRL Brazilian clubs has lots of money compared to argentinian clubs, don´t know if this is replicated in FM. Best academies in brazilian clubs are Santos, Grêmio and Internacional, but all of the "big" clubs (there are 12!) produces good youngsters. In argentina I think River and Boca are much better than the other clubs, in Brazil the league is more competitive.
  4. Since last year, i can´t put mpore than 220 files in my editor data folder in macOS. No matter which file it is .
  5. Cool mate! I´ll give a try. I play there every year, i like it!
  6. At the game stats in-match widget, you can edit the info and can configure it.
  7. In my laptop (mac), i can't have more than 220 files in 'editor data' folder. If i do so, the game closes down when i select a new career game. Don't know if this also occurs in another mac or windows versions. Besides that, everything is working fine! Thanks!!!!
  8. I got an issue whit the 4.0 version in Walter c parsons cup, incorrect number of teams.
  9. 36 here, playing since 1998, cm3. I have more time for playing now than when i was younger. And yes, my wife hates it. My 11 months daughter likes the colorful small circles moving on the screen .
  10. Here the problem started after 16.2 update It stays on loading screens for hours I deleted the fm folders and fixed it, but i can't use my custom graphics folder anymore. If I reload the skin the program get a freeze or a crash. Also waiting for a solution. Macbook Air OsX 10.11.2 (15C50) 1,7 GHz Intel Core i7 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Intel HD Graphics 5000 1536 MB PS: I don't use a custom skin either
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