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  1. I have the same issue. I can promote certain players but not others. I’m in Danish 2nd Div.
  2. Get an Ass Man with good tactical knowledge and ask him to set OIs. Remember to ask him to update it at HT and after subs, as roles/players obviously change. If you struggle in a game remove all OIs as its obviously not working..!
  3. The single best way to solve your problem is to watch a match or two in comprehensive mode. You will see where your team is struggling to cope with the opposition and equally why you don't score enough goals. For e.g. do your CDs get caught 2 on 2 at the back regularly, do your FBs get caught underneath the ball, are your three midfielders playing as a unit (do they have someone to pass to), are your players positioned correctly to pick up 2nd balls? etc It can also be as simple as certain players not having the right attributes for their position as well. Don't necessarily trust the star/circle ratings. Give each player a chance and see how they get on. For e.g. I have a 2* CD who outperforms a 4* CD - no idea why, I just keep more clean sheets when he's in the team. Don't just keep picking the same players/formation and hoping it will work. Give others a chance and tweak the roles of each player based on what you see on the pitch - see my comments in your quote. A good rating is higher than the team average for the match, so even if you're losing you can generally [not always] see who is performing ok.
  4. If say, Soldado expresses a concern about competing players then he will mention it to you and his morale will be affected regardless of whether the other players are injured/available or not. What you might have been experiencing is opposition's setting themselves up to play against Spurs with Ings as the frontman, only for you to select Soldado up front who has different attributes etc. In addition Soldado was probably fully fit after the rest? I don't think the game is quite clever enough for players to improve in form after being dropped - unless you specifically tell them you're resting them via conversations. Would love to be proved wrong though!
  5. 1) Yes, but only 'Match Tactics' and 'Teamwork' are cumulative. All the others are small bonuses for each match that will be the same regardless of how much time you spend on them. 2) Once your tactics reach full familiarity (or near as damn it) then just playing games should keep them at that level. However, when you buy/sell players or tweak instructions familiarity will reduce, so best to keep some training on I would say. 3) Definitely a coincidence. You probably only remember the games you have lost, which is why there seems to be a pattern in your mind.
  6. Same applies to short throws. If the FB taking the throw in has good long throw stats he will launch it in to the box regardless of your instructions.
  7. Can't remember if I did agree signing bonuses, but at Austrian Div 2 level they are £1-3k at most. I wouldn't have thought it would be the signing bonuses that altered things. Seems to me as though the game effectively recalculates the budgets at the end of the season regardless of any discussions beforehand.
  8. Finances are ok, making a small loss. It's not so much the finances though, its the fact they agreed to the £33k wage budget to get me to sign the contract then completely forgot about it 3 weeks later...
  9. I am playing as Bienne in the Austrian Challenge League. Finished 2nd in the first season and 3 or 4 games before the end of the season they offered me a new contract and a chance to change aspirations for the following season. I said yes, saying we could challenge for the title and requested a higher wage budget (from current cap of £26k - I am spending £26,500) to help me renew contracts of some of my better players. The chairman agreed, offered me a new contract and a new wage budget of £33k. Result, I thought..! I therefore renewed a few contracts and signed pre-contracts with a few others, taking the future spend to about £28k, leaving some back to use in the summer window... However, Straight after the last game of the season a notice pops up asking what my expectations are for next season and that I have a choice of 'Challenge for Title' or 'Win the League' with wage budgets of £21k or £22k respectively. A bit cheesed off as they are now pressuring me to sell players and I can't sign anyone. Just wondered if anyone knows if this was just the chairman being an idiot and is quite common, or a genuine bug?
  10. I had thought about this, but I'm not convinced a defensive forward will be enough of an attacking threat, and may also be dragged out of position defensively by chasing down the ball. Not sure if this is true. Does anyone have experience of how a Defensive Forward plays?
  11. I have tried WBs in the FB positions and they get too exposed defensively. As it plays at the moment, the FBs often cross from c. 30-20 yards from the byline, which works well. When I lose I tend to concede a couple of goals early (first 20 mins) and then struggle to make any significant impact thereafter, going on to lose 2-0 or 3-1. This is why I partly think it is a confidence/teamtalk issue. I have no problem disposing of poorer opposition with this tactic, if I lose it is against similar or stronger opponents. In response to Cleon - I guess I am asking if anyone else is using a similar formation and whether they have had success using different player roles. I am not convinced by the CF-S. He is there because I don't really know what else to use, rather than me wanting him to do anything specific.
  12. The Narrow 4-3-3 I have been working on this formation for a few weeks and feel I have it to a standard that works most of the time, and that can be tweaked with success depending on opposition and in-game to defend a lead or vice versa. It is essentially a direct attacking formation, utilising big front men to win the ball in the final 3rd (both via long balls and closing down). The full backs provide width/crosses. FORMATION Draw your soccer tactics with this11.com TEAM INSTRUCTIONS Direct Passing Pass in to Space Push Higher Up Close Down More Higher Tempo PHILOSOPHY I use Control most of the time, but Counter can be effective against stronger opponents. Attacking/Overload opens the game right up and often results in more goals, though sometimes against – which is a natural pay-off if you want to get back in to the game. OBSERVATIONS - It requires players with good stamina, particularly FBs and midfielders. - All the attackers need to be strong and good in the air. - The AF is the focal point for attacks. - DLF needs good strength and vision/passing. - It is helpful if the DM is good in the air, though not essential. - FBs can lead the assists chart if they have good crossing attributes. - The DLP position usually has a good average rating, though I have yet to discover why… presumably in-direct long ball assists. NEGATIVES - FBs should be solid defensively, I have experimented with ‘winger-type’ full backs and they have been exploited. - The players tire easily due to the higher tempo, closing down instructions and quick transitions. - Not sure if this is just an over-confidence issue, but occasionally I will be defeated comfortably without posing a threat. I would welcome your thoughts on how it could be improved? Or if anyone is playing a similar tactic? Cheers, Root
  13. yep, you guessed it. No physio! I had sacked him and tried to sign a replacement (which fell through without me paying any attention). Now sorted.
  14. I am no longer receiving news (in my inbox) that one of my players is injured. The first i know of an injury is either looking at my squad or when i choose my tactics. I have checked my subscriptions but can't find anything obvious that i have mistakenly unticked? Anyone know how to get this back?? Cheers
  15. Do you have any problems being overloaded at the back? You have a BWM who will get drawn out of position, a RPM who will roam, and then a CM who is your only defensive/solid midfielder. I am still going with my OP formation, changing it slightly by using more Direct Passing. Works ok, am doing ok in the league above expectations. No doubt it can be improved though.
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