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  1. Im well into December 2019 and there has been no announcement on the group stage draw for the Euros. It used to come on the calendar usually the 2nd friday of the month but nothing showing at all. As im a national manager im keen to find out who i've got and get the friendlies organised. Anyone know whats happening here? Thanks.
  2. Try this - GKd, FBs - CD - CD - FBa, WGa - RPM - CMd - WGs AF - DLFs Home - Standard/Structured - Play out of Defence. Close down more. Away - Counter/Structured. - Pass into space. Sorry no screens just now, im at work. PS: Central players close down less so hard to play thru, wide players close down more to prevent crosses.
  3. I get this report about twice a month, surely this repetitiveness isn't right. Any ideas how to stop it? Thanks.
  4. The new commentary is ridiculous, everything is Scintillating, Breathtaking or Glorious. Tone it down a bit, it sounds worse than the PES commentary.
  5. PS: Chelsea bid £35 million for him in June, great offer so i took it.
  6. Managing Ajax first season, Davy Klaassen hands in transfer request after having bid rejected and i tell him he's staying in resulting conversation, few months later he calms down and requests to stay. I agree and its done, few days later he's listed as transfer listed by request again. Same thing has repeated 3 times now. No option to speak to him, just every month or so he requests to stay then goes back to being listed by request again.
  7. Been noticing a big increase in amount of injuries/knocks since 15.3 update so after a quick look the figures are: Match date - Injuries Jan 1 - 2 Jan 6 - 0 Jan 16 - 2 Jan 19 - 0 Jan 23 - 2 Feb 7 - 1 Feb 10 - 0 Feb 14 - 0 Feb 18 - 2 Feb 21 - 4 10 matches - 13 injuries. I think we can say this is not normal, my training is the same as pre 15.3 when injuries were very much less frequent. Anyone else getting this, is it being looked at? Cheers.
  8. Is there a way to view the total amount of injuries suffered by my squad over the season?
  9. 3 minute hat-trick, thought that was pretty obvious really.
  10. Looking thru the main page theres at least 6 post about training and tactics, all in 'general discussion' not in 'tactics and training'.
  11. Im not asking you to do anything, i looked in the editors section and it was full of technical stuff that didn't help, the search engine didnt return anything either so i reposted here in the hope someone might help, thats all.
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