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  1. Don't hold you're breath, considering theres still faults that need addressing from FM12.
  2. The easy fix is to mass select all clubs from the leagues that participate in the league cup, then go to the competitions page and de-select last division and next division, save data, load game and hey presto alls working fine.
  3. Just got to find a bit of time to fix squad registration, but that will probably be all I do, with the current state of the editor.
  4. Thats strange, it draws the groups and schedules matches but no matches are played, try setting the update day to late June and the first match date to July
  5. Use other cup in continental rules, in the nations tab you're have to enter two nations, but when you set up the cup either use get teams from divisions or specific teams.
  6. Last year I said the main problems with the editor are caused by the fact SI Games just add features to an editor that was built for FM10, each year since FM11 we've seen more and more bugs that make editing a headache, SI Games needed to completely re-build the editor for FM14. If you add this to the facts that a) they are reluctant to respond to bug reporting and b) have shown no interest in helping to get a guide done for the editor, I fear SI Games aren't that serious about the editor anymore. So in the words of Dragons Den, "I'm out". Back to FM12 for me, the last decent game and editor for me.
  7. Will take a look in the next couple of days, have seen others have had the same problem with registration in other files. Easy fix will be to remove registration but hopefully I'll find a way to fix it.
  8. First off the type of competition you're trying to make shouldn't be set in nation rules. Use Continental rules Instead of trying to talk you through it I've made a file that you can look at and amend easily if you don't want to start from scratch yourself. I've set this competition in the intercontinental section of the game, to do that you leave the nation and continent field blank on the competition page, to set its as a continental comp you would set the the continent to Europe etc. to set continent up as a intercontinental comp in the editor you would activate Continental rules then change the continent in the general tab from Europe(default) to none or world, to set is an other comp (this ensures no other comp is erased in game ie World Club Championship in your case) you need to add any two nations in the nations tab. the rest you can learn from the db I've made. ICC DOWNLOAD PS, it took me longer to type this than make the db:lol:
  9. Updated Download link with fix for nationalities, you will need to start a new game for this to work. Unfortunately I haven't been able to test it as busy testing another Db, and didn't want to put off this fix any longer, but it should work as it's only a minor edit. Any problems don't hesitate to call
  10. Post 2 now has two further downloads called Psycho's Dream teams Good or Evil In a nutshell the good download has 4 clubs that have been taken over and have been given a new manager and 25 world class players/wonderkids players each the challenge is can you build a team to beat them. The second download is the evil side where you take control off one of these Clubs, 20 players have been picked for you to give you a helping start (not all the players are the same as in the teams in the "good" download) your challenge is to dominate Europe and become the best out of the four, see post 2 for more info.
  11. Updated Download link in OP with Version 4.02, change list in OP also. After a lot of trial and error I've finally got this more user friendly, lots more movement especially in the first transfer window, AI clubs still reluctant to bid on the World Class players in the first season but Companies will negotiate with human clubs more easily now. Have come to the inclusion though that SI Games hate Liverpool and Tottenham:lol: as these two clubs never seem to buy quality players though in this latest version they do buy better players than in the previous one:)
  12. Been trying to use different set-ups to get this a bit more friendly but it's going from one extreme to the other, first off I reduced the reputation of the Companies which made no difference to player values and only had a slight impact on amount of transfer increasing. Next I changed the nations, using East European ones this had a huge impact on player values decreasing but by too much, ie in the 1st DB Messi is valued at £63M but in this one he's worth only £6.25M. Transfers increased dramatically for English teams but decreased dramatically for German and Spanish teams. Looked at placing managers and or chairmen at clubs but they don,t seem to have a stat that would make them sell more players off (likes to wheel and deal in the tendencies section would be ideal if it existed). Now going to try mixing up the nations again as this is where it seems to have more of an impact. If anyone has any other ideas on how I can get more player movement I'm all ears.
  13. Just checked my last holiday save game and Tottenham do appear to struggle to buy quality players, the two best players they brought in the first season were Van der Wiel and Andros Townsend, in total they brought 31 new players in at a cost of £55.5M. Teams in the premiership tend to sign 20 - 30 players each in the first season with the bigger players tending to from the second season, The Big five teams signed and spent the following in the first season- Man City (28) £111M, Man Utd (25) £53.5M, Chelsea (28) £116M, Arsenal (30) £45M and Liverpool (22) £27M. Liverpool really struggled to buy anyone of quality (like IRL then ) and this showed with their finishing position of 17th in the 1st season. Overall I'm happy that it's playable though maybe a little challenging in the 1st season or 2 (which isn't a bad thing), but I do agree it needs a few tweaks to get some of the bigger players to move sooner than they do. I have a few ideas on how to achieve this, but have to be careful not to make it to easy.
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